10 Quick Ways to Increase your Website’s Conversion Rates

10 Quick Ways to Increase your Website’s Conversion Rates

To improve your website’s performance, you will have to focus on both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). As both these techniques go hand in hand.

How are SEO and CRO related?

CRO is a system, enabled to increase the number of visitors on a web page who are then potentially converted into customers by executing the desired action. The action may include making a purchase, dropping a review, subscribing to an eBook or newsletter, and so on. The conversion and count will depend on the kind of website you have and the type of product and services you provide.

On the other hand, SEO is the process of optimizing your website to increase the traffic (number of visitors) through Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This process applies techniques that draw more people to your website. And, when more people are drawn to your webpage, the chances of conversions increase as well.

The SEO process depends a lot on link building. Thus, you must hire the Best Link Building Services provider to achieve maximum benefit from it.

Conversion Rates – In Detail

Conversion rate is basically the percentage of visitors who take the action you desire them to take on your page, whether that’s filling out a registration form, downloading an eBook, or making a purchase. It is a data-backed process for increasing the ratio of visitors who perform a specific action and convert.

To maximize the value of the traffic you already have, you need to engage in constant testing, experimentation and active listening, and fine-tuning every aspect of your website for higher conversions.

Increase Conversion Rates to Improve Profits

No matter how good your existing conversion rates are, there is always a scope of betterment. And improving your conversion rates can drastically increase your profits.

How to Increase Conversion Rate

You can boost your website’s conversion rates using several techniques. Below are the top 10 ways to enhance it:

1. Social Proof

Adding social proof via customer testimonials, case studies, to your website virtually increases the conversion rates, leading to a spike in your conversion rates.

In fact, social media can be a great platform for social proofing. Once your brand is available across all social media platforms you can set-up a marketing strategy to reach your target audience, offer them a product, service, or solution and convert visitors into customers.

A good SEO agency like the DigitalWhiteLabels.com, can help you achieve the conversion rates your brand aspires for. They can assist your brand to be ahead of your competition. And their services are 100% white labelable making it a successful collaboration.

2. Clear contact information

Highlighting contact information – a live chat option or a contact number normally increases conversion rates by giving visitors the assurance that your business is real and that you will answer any questions they have.

3. Headlines

The headlines on your website pages are usually the first thing visitors read, and that often compels them to read further or exit your site immediately. Apt headlines can give a dramatic boost to your conversion rate. Therefore, testing new headlines frequently is highly recommended.

4. Use Buttons Instead of Links

Although, it may seem like a trivial change, but it’s an impactful one – and it’s easy to do.

Traditional hyperlinks are functional and clickable but the interactive power as compared to a button is quite low.

So, using more buttons throughout your digital marketing campaign will give users the psychological satisfaction of a better-designed click. It is likely that your efforts will engage high click-throughs and conversion rates as well.

5. Testimonials

Testimonials reduce risk and provide social proof. Use them on product landing pages as well as on your email opt-in landing pages.

6. Guarantees

Guarantees you give will offer users more confidence in your product/services and hence typically improve your website’s conversion rates. Likewise, having an extended guarantee will increase conversions even more.

When you visit the website of Digital White Labels (leading SEO Agency in the USA) at DigitalWhiteLabels.com. You will notice that their content indicates a guarantee of what they can do for your brand. It suggests confidence that they pass on to their visitors who collaborate with them and leverage the experience they have as an SEO agency.

7. Use More Call-to-Actions

Generally, in marketing, quality matters far more than quantity – for example, it is better to have one piece of quality content rather than 100 pieces of fluff. But when it comes to conversion marketing, both quality and quantity are of equal importance.

If you don’t have calls-to-action throughout your site, your customers will never convert. Interestingly, opportunities are one of the four facets of any action.

8. Pre-sell your prospects with compelling content

If you’re optimizing a landing page, you’ll want to keep your conversion opportunity below or after your sales copy, where users will be more motivated to take action. According to a study, there is a 304% boost in conversion rates when the call-to-action is placed below the sales copy.

9. Eliminate distractions

Many websites place the call-to-action section chaotic. It is placed in the midst of an ocean of readable, and interactive material. For instance, an email signup form is placed next to the banner ad that a sponsor is paying for. Or maybe, placing the call-to-action at the end of the blog post where there are several other related content article links.

Chaotic placement of the click-to-action can divide the visitor’s attention. It is like splitting the chances of completing the conversion further into a smaller ratio of what it was previously.

Most websites resort to a few methods of advancement, such as accepting guest posts, implementing proper redirects, and boosting SEO. But remember, many also fail because of lacking quality content and never crediting content creators. Act quickly, and don’t let your website fail.

10. Be straightforward in your descriptions

Customers visualize salespeople as pushy and have a hard time trusting them. The reasons are obvious and understandable. Sales guys are employed and incentivized to convince you to buy their products or services. And hence, in the process may mislead or deceive you to do it.

Consequently, when the content is excessively salesy, many users may stop reading or instantly distrust the source. Therefore, when you write a copy to promote your product, service, or solution you must accurately describe it in a straightforward way. You must avoid jargons that direct your visitors to buy your product, service, or solution. Give them a proper outline and utility of what you are offering.

Conversion optimization of a website is all about attracting the right crowd to your website by choosing suitable, high-performing keywords that are relevant to your product or service. With search marketing, growing your qualified traffic is a matter of bidding on and optimizing for the right keywords.

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