15 Holiday Gift Ideas For Employees To Show Your Appreciation

The most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching. And although your adult employees are far past the age of expecting to receive a gift, they are always a pleasant surprise.

Office holiday gifts are an easy and highly effective way of showing your appreciation for your employees and boosting their satisfaction in their workplace. One of the major benefits of corporate gift giving is that it encourages employees to stay at your company longer.

And there are many holiday gift ideas for employees, ranging from budget-friendly and heartfelt, to extravagant. Keep reading below to discover what to give your employees this holiday season to spread joy and gratitude.

1. A Holiday Bonus

Want to go all out with your holiday corporate gift giving? Arguably the best gift to give is a bonus. You can’t go wrong with an end of year, holiday bonus.

2. Gift Cards

But if you don’t want to subject your employees to taxes that are required on bonuses, you can give gift cards to their favorite brands. To keep corporate gifting simple, Amazon gift cards are always a winner, as it encourages employees to splurge on things they actually want.

3. iPad

Everyone wants the latest and greatest device. An iPad is a splurge, but the appreciation will last a long time.

4. Vacations

Want to encourage your employees to utilize vacation time? Buy them travel vouchers with airlines or hotel chains.

5. Airpods

Whoever doesn’t already own Airpods wants them. To listen to music and podcasts without the hassle of wire is freedom.

6. Kindle

Encourage your employees to invest in themselves by purchasing them a kindle. You can also include a gift card that they can buy their first book with.

7. Fitness Subscription

Ask your employees how they prefer to get exercise, then buy them a membership. It might be their local rock climbing gym, or it could be the YMCA.

8. Power Banks

Your employees depend on charged-up computers and phones. Buy them a power bank to keep them charged up on the go.

9. Backpack

Do your employees work remotely full-time or part-time? Make their commutes to the office or the coffee shop more enjoyable with a modern laptop backpack.

10. Branded Outerwear

Everyone loves high-quality jackets and sweaters. Partner with a well-known brand to produce outerwear with your company branding on it to increase company pride.

11. Sports or Concert Tickets

Any big events coming up near your office? Buy tickets for the whole family to attend a concert or sporting event.

12. Desk Plants

Want your employees to love their desks? Buy them an easy-to-maintain plant like succulents or a bonsai tree.

13. Local Classes

Does your city offer a variety of classes and learning events? Gift employees a free cooking class, baking class, beer brewing class, or another learning opportunity.

14. Coffee and Brewing Equipment

Keep your employees energized by gifting them a fresh bag of locally roasted coffee. You can also include simple brewing devices like a french press, Aeropress, or an all-in-one coffee brewing travel tumbler.

15. Wine or Craft Beer

Need simple and affordable corporate holiday gift ideas? Find out what adult beverages your employees prefer and provide them with a bottle of wine, fine liquor, or craft beer.

The Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees

Ultimately, the best holiday gift ideas for employees are gifts they actually want. By planning well in advance, you can find out what your employees would prefer to receive and gift accordingly.

You can do this inconspicuously by having them take surveys a few months beforehand.

Looking for more tips on increasing employee satisfaction? Head over to our blog now to keep reading.

M Ateeq