4 essentials for bike riders

Cycling is a popular activity, either used for recreational purposes or transport. Learning how to ride a bike is fun and requires a lot of practice on a regular basis. So, if you are a beginner cyclist, you will undoubtedly need some essentials for safe cycling. Some include bike lights, helmets, bike locks, and bike shoes. You can ensure that these essentials make your biking experience enjoyable. You can learn about their advantages in this article. So, read more and get to know their benefits.

  1. Helmets: As per a survey conducted with 1000 Australians, 16.5 per cent said they would use a bicycle more often without wearing a helmet. No matter what the survey says, it is crucial to wear a bike helmet when you ride. The first and foremost benefit of wearing a helmet is protecting your head from any head injury. After all, head injury is the prime cause of fatalities and long-term disabilities in cyclists. According to a study, the deaths of hundreds of cyclists occurred by not wearing helmets in 2009. Another survey suggests that around 22 to 47 per cent received head injuries linking the 60 per cent to bike-related deaths. If you wear a proper cycling helmet with reflective strips, you will be more visible to drivers. When drivers don’t see the cyclists, accidents can occur. Sometimes, the weather can be unpredictable, and a helmet can protect you from weather hazards like hail, rain and sun. You can also attain helmets for the winters from online stores. Riding them will allow you to be warm in cold temperatures. It is important to feel safe while you improve your health since this aerobic activity can improve the health of your lungs, blood vessels and heart.
  2. Bike locks: A bike lock is a must if you don’t want your bike to be stolen. You can purchase different locks such as chain locks, D-locks, cable, and combination locks. Chain locks are extremely tough and can be looped around any bike. Although they might be heavy and difficult to carry, their thick links and heavyweight padlock is sufficient to deter many thieves. The D-locks are also called U-locks. Since these locks are lightweight, they can be easily carried. Plus, they are tough and a great visual deterrent. Cable and combination locks are convenient and easy to carry. Plus, they can be looped around all bikes.
  3. Bike shoes: To improve your overall performance, you require cycling shoes. You can be sure that they will provide you with a great biking experience. The cycling shoes can improve the efficiency of the pedal and the overall stability. In order to optimise the energy, they are designed with stiff soles and allow your foot to move and bend. The other benefit is that these shoes can clip into the pedals of the bike. In this manner, you won’t have to be concerned about your foot flying out.

Bike lights: When it comes to bike lights, the first thought in your mind will be night rides or rides during the winters. But lights on the bike are extremely beneficial than you realise. If you have lights on the bicycle, it increases the ability to see the road, which in turn, improves safety. You will also be able to see reflective items like animal eyes, road lines and traffic signs. The lights can save you from accidents. Furthermore, they can increase visibility allowing you more time to react to obstacles. For more safety, you can include lights in the front and rear of your bicycle.