4 Facts about DC’s Stargirl

4 Facts about DC’s Stargirl

In DC’s Stargirl, part of the CW superhero stable of shows called the Arrowverse, high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore finds the staff of superhero Starman and assumes his mantle to take on bad guys in her town of Blue Valley, Nebraska, and tries to restore the Justice League of America. 

Like many of the Arrowverse shows, the CW television series features a stellar cast. Courtney Whitmore is played by Brec Bassinger, while Luke Wilson plays her vigilant step-father Pat Dugan, formerly the Justice League sidekick Stripes. Stargirl also features Amy Smart as Courtney’s mom, Joel McHale as Starman, and Henry Thomas (Eliott in E.T.) as the original Doctor Mid-nite.

Stargirl Has a History in the DC Comics

Stargirl was created in 1999 by Geoff Johns and Lee Moder, who envisioned a superhero that could be a role model for teen girls. Like Starman, Courtney was originally known as the Star-Spangled Kid but changed her name to Stargirl when she received the cosmic staff that gives her superpowers. Stargirl appeared in several other television shows, including Smallville, which featured Britt Irvin as Stargirl, and a 1942 JSA version of Stargirl, played by Sarah Grey, appeared as part of the Arrowverse on Legends of Tomorrow.

Courtney Doesn’t Have Inherent Superpowers

Stargirl’s superpowers come from her staff and uniform, which belonged to The Justice League of America’s Starman, Sylvester Pemberton. Her powers include the ability to fly, manipulate energy, enhanced strength, speed, and agility. Besides the powers given to her by the staff and belt, Courtney is a gymnast and enjoys kickboxing as a hobby. Her natural ability for acrobatics and martial arts helps her to adapt as the staff directs her movements in fights and while flying. 

Stripesy Is Her Stepdad

After receiving the staff and uniform, Courtney believes Starman was her father, and she should follow in his footsteps as a hero. Her stepfather, mechanic Pat Dugan, was Stripes in the Justice League of America, a sidekick to Starman who protects his staff after his death. As a sidekick, Dugan built a 15-foot robot called S.T.R.I.P.E., which he now uses to help Courtney fight the town, bad guys. 

Stargirl Is a Team Player

In both the comics and the CW television show, Stargirl seeks out a team. Even though the Justice League has been disbanded for some time, Courtney wants to revive it and create a new supergroup. Courtney assembles a new group from classmates Yolanda Montez as Wildcat II (played by Yvette Monreal), Beth Chapel as Doctor Mid-nite (played by Anjelika Washington), and Rick Tyler as Hourman II and son of the original Hourman (played by Cameron Gellman). 

Courtney’s outgoing personality helps her get along with others, and her desire to be a part of the Justice League fuels her belief that a team can be more successful than a single hero. As Stargirl, Courtney leads her group of young heroes to take on some very dangerous villains while dealing with high school drama and the pains of growing up. 

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