4 Golden Rules for Living the Laptop Lifestyle

The laptop lifestyle has been in vogue since Tim Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Work Week hit stores in 2007. Even though many of us, including Ferriss himself, often work a lot more than 4 hours a week, many principles still hold true.

For instance, you don’t have to be chained to a desk 9-5 to work. If you can work from anywhere using your laptop, smartphone, and internet service. That’s how I’ve been living the laptop lifestyle for several years: my Optimum offers come with speed and reliability, which is all I need to get the job done. Read on to find out how to live the laptop lifestyle better. 

4 Golden Rules to Live a Better Laptop Lifestyle 

A person who lives a laptop lifestyle only requires essentials like a laptop to work on, a phone to coordinate with people, and internet service to connect to. For most laptop lifestyles, these three components are all you need to generate income. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a remote worker, or even a freelancer working from home, your laptop lifestyle enables you to work from virtually anywhere at all. If you’re looking to adopt the laptop lifestyle, these four guidelines could prove extremely helpful: 

  1. Harness the Power of Technology 
  2. Choose the Right Niche 
  3. Communication Is Key 
  4. Sell, Sell, Sell

Let’s dive right into the details. kaspersky vs avast

Harness the Power of Technology 

Many modern professions and employment models did not exist up until recently. Search engine optimizers, advertisers, social media managers, web developers, graphic designers, etc. are all part of a new and improved workforce. This has only been possible thanks to rapid technological development and expansion over the last few years. What this tells us is this: technology is your friend. 

For someone living the laptop lifestyle, leveraging technology to improve efficiency and quality of work is paramount. Many modern software and systems can help you keep your workflow organized. Using technology, you can automate the more boring and repetitive parts of your work, leaving you time to get more done in a day. You can even communicate with your team or customers over voice or video chat, as well as through your website, email, social media, and various other digital channels.   

Choose the Right Niche 

If you intend on living a good laptop lifestyle, you have to be very careful about choosing the right niche. You want a niche that actively supports remote workers. Many modern corporations are waking up to the benefits of flexible work hours and remote teams, but many others are still not comfortable with remote workers. Look for employers in your niche that are location independent, or clients that don’t need to meet with you physically. 

If you end up in a field that is wary of or hostile towards remote workers, you’ll find yourself in an uncomfortable position. A lot of your time and effort will go into convincing people why and how you can work remotely, instead of actually getting work done. It saves a lot of unnecessary effort to simply pick a field that is supportive of remote employees, entrepreneurs, or freelancers. 

Communication Is Key 

This may sound like some very basic-level stuff, but the importance of clear communication shouldn’t be underestimated. In traditional human interactions, a lot of the message consists of body language, tone, energy, and expression. Many of these components are absent in digital communication, especially over text, email, or other electronic messages. That means there is a higher probability that there may be gaps or misunderstandings when communicating with teams or clients remotely. 

So what’s the solution? Crystal-clear communication. That means even if you have to over-explain every time, just do it. Making things ridiculously clear is a lot better than wasting time and effort on something you don’t even understand clearly. Even more importantly, you need to be sure you’re using the right communication for the right situation. Using technology, you can improve your communication process to a point where there is very little room for misunderstanding.  

Sell, Sell, Sell

The core element of any business, whether selling products or offering services, is to generate a major portion of its revenue from sales. If you want your business or freelance income to grow, you’ll need to actively sell products or services. If you’re a remote worker for a larger organization, you still need to sell yourself and your ability to your boss. 

One way to keep a pipeline open is to continuously prospect for new opportunities. Use digital channels like LinkedIn or Glassdoor to build a larger network to leverage. Even if you can’t handle new clients, you should constantly develop a professional relationship with your existing ones. The best part is, you don’t need a lot to be able to do this. Most of my clients are repeat customers, and I keep reaching out to them all from my phone, Google Calendar, and Optimum internet only, prospecting for more work. Just like a shark doesn’t stop swimming, you can’t stop selling. Not if you want to succeed in the laptop lifestyle.