4 Reasons Why Early Child Care Is So Important

In order for parents to have smart, well-rounded children, it is important that they implement early child care. Early child care has become a mainstream talking point over recent years and it is something that parents, politicians, and teachers are all concerned about.

But why is early child care so important? And what can it do for you and your children? Keep on reading and we will take you through everything that you will want to know!

1. Close the “School-to-Prison Pipeline”

If you’ve been paying attention to local and national politics lately, you have probably heard about the school-to-prison pipeline. This is a way to describe the cycle of children dropping out of school and quickly ending up in prison.

Many of these children are acting out and aren’t comfortable with formal education environments. By putting them in school early and stimulating them mentally, we can keep them engaged and feel like school is worth their time. The more time children spend in school, the less likely they will drop out and end up in the harsh prison system.

2. End the Word Gap

By the time a child is already three years old, their brains are significantly formed. This means that you can’t wait until a child is five or six to start teaching them. Children from poor families tend to know several million fewer words than children from wealthier families.

By teaching kids early on, we can end this word gap and help all children expand their vocabulary and their brains.

3. Early Child Care Initiatives Can Make or Break Elections

Whether you pay attention to politics or not, it’s clear that many politicians have a lot to say when it comes to early child care. It was a major talking point in the 2020 presidential election and it is only going to become more prominent in subsequent elections.

It is important that we know what our political leaders are talking about and what they plan to do with our tax dollars. Also, if you have children, you might end up receiving child tax credits and other benefits that could be useful to you.

4. Education Benefits Become Economic Benefits

Early child care doesn’t just benefit children. It benefits entire communities and even countries at large. As children become more productive, they can lead to a larger economy and a wealthier world.

Don’t forget to look for more information if you find this topic interesting.

The Importance of Knowing Why Early Child Care is So Important

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now understand the many reasons why early child care is so important. As we can see, early child care can benefit both children and communities at large. And by knowing more about the topic, we can make smarter decisions when it comes to our children.

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