4 Retail Design Tips to Help You Boost Sales

4 Retail Design Tips to Help You Boost Sales

Did you know that the color of a room can affect how you feel? You can boost sales by improving the overall retail design of your business. If you would like to impress new customers, we can help.
In this guide, we’ll go over interior designing tips.
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1. Threshold Area
There’s an area in a store called the threshold area. This is the first spot a customer will experience upon entering your store.
This consists of the first 15 feet of space, depending on the size of your store. Customers will transition from outside and experience what your store offers.
Shoppers will make a judgment on your store at this point. They might determine if it’s cheap or overly expensive.
Customers might miss products, signs, or carts at this point. Your retail design should ease shoppers into your store and not overwhelm them.
Try to welcome customers with a subtle sign. Stage some helpful signs further into the store.
2. Choose Colors Wisely
Choose a color that will connect with your entire brand. Consumers will connect with colors on a subconscious level.
A vibrant shop might overwhelm shoppers. You don’t want to overload the customer’s senses. Sensory overload makes it hard for customers to concentrate on shopping.
Different colors will affect how people feel. For example, red will help to grab attention. Blue is a calming and secure color, which is why many banks choose to use blue.
What color will you choose for your business? The color will depend on your particular business. A convenience store design will look different compared to a salon.
3. Update Your Product Displays
Product displays are known to increase sales. Shoppers will take their time examining your products.
For example, a staged living room or a plant in a cute macramé hanger will help them imagine the item at home.
Displays will provide an interactive shopping experience, allowing you to create content for your social media accounts.
A pretty display is something a customer might snap a picture of and upload on their account. Standard displays include checkout displays, window displays, and point-of-purchase displays.
4. Steer Customers to the Power Wall
When you go into a retail store, notice the move you make first. Most of the time, you’re going to move toward the right.
The first wall a customer will see upon moving right is the power wall. This is a high-impact wall that makes a significant impression on customers.
Make sure you spend time focusing on this area. Think about what you will display there and how you will display it aesthetically.
Capture your customer’s attention with products, whether they are seasonal or new.

Boost Sales by Improving Your Retail Design

We hope these retail design tips were helpful. You can boost sales by improving the overall design of your business. You want customers to enjoy their shopping experience and not feel overwhelmed.
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