5 Custom Apparel Ideas For Business Merchandise You’ll Love

5 Custom Apparel Ideas For Business Merchandise You’ll Love

Did you know that the custom apparel market was valued at over 3 billion dollars last year? It’s a growing market that shows no sign of slowing down and for good reason. Custom apparel is a great way to express a unique style and put a business or brand out there.

Are you thinking of putting your brand’s logo or name on apparel? The right ones will make your business stand out and act as advertising, so it’s important to consider what is right for you before making a decision. Read on to discover the five best custom business apparel ideas here.

1. Company Branded T-Shirts

One of the most common pieces of apparel is logo-printed t-shirts. They are easy and economical to produce and distribute to employees and clients. Plus, the casual nature of the garment encourages off-duty wear for employees and clients alike–which means your brand will be seen by more people in a non-work environment.

2. Puffer Vests

For a unique branding opportunity, you might want to consider investing in puffer vests. These garments are a winter closet staple for many people since they keep you cozy without the bulk of a jacket. These layering items offer space on both the front and the back to include your business logo, too.

3. Branded Jackets

While they cost more than a t-shirt to produce, branded jackets are an upmarket way to get your business name out in the world. There are so many different kinds of jacket styles that can be customized, from baseball jackets to moto jackets. And for something more lightweight, you could also consider a fleece jacket since it’s a warm, versatile item that goes from work to the weekend in a snap.

4. Custom Business Apparel Hoodies

If you are searching for custom business apparel ideas with comfort in mind, look no further than the hoodie. They are a multi-season wardrobe staple that has great potential for branding. You can put a small logo on the front, a large logo on the back, or both for maximum impact.

5. Logo Hats

Finally, if you want a small product with a big impact, you might want to consider business merchandise like hats. They’re a fun and functional way to get your brand out there. And if you want to learn how to customize them with embroidery, continue reading here.

Stand Out With Customized Apparel

Now that you’ve learned the top custom business apparel ideas here, you can make your own and stand out from the crowd. T-shirts are one of the most popular picks, thanks to their versatility and affordability. But if you are looking for different items, you can try hats, jackets, hoodies, or even vests as a vehicle for your business logo.

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