5 Ways Celebs Are Advocating for Peace on Earth This Holiday Season

When’s the last time you sat down to watch the news? If you’re like most Americans, you tuned out of cable news long ago. From political nonsense and misinformation to fear-mongering, news viewership has declined.

So, how are people getting the latest information about social causes? Most people are getting informed by celebrities and social icons.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for celebrities and the elite to advocate for peace on Earth. But, how can they do that this holiday season? Read on to discover five ways celebrities are promoting peace in 2021.

1. Advocating for Animals

Billie Eilish is no stranger to promoting social change. If you’ve listened to her music, then you know she’s an advocate for the Earth. She’s even put global warming messages in some of her songs.

This Thanksgiving, Eilish reminded her followers to reconsider eating meat. She told her Instagram followers that 46 million turkeys get killed each year. Upholding traditions is important, she explains, but so are the turkeys!

Peace on Earth means peace and safety for our animal friends, too.

2. Holding Evil Accountable

Racial tensions from 2020 are back in the news again as crucial cases hit the courts. One such case, involving the murder of an unarmed black jogger, recently concluded. Three men got found guilty after they murdered Ahmaud Arbery.

Takei, the Star Trek actor, explained how the ruling gave society some “restored faith.” Further, he explained how the case shows it’s possible to hold evil accountable.

Peace on Earth must start with this notion! After all, light and dark or peace and war cannot co-exist.

3. Calling Attention to Important Causes

Did you know that a humanitarian crisis is ongoing in Ethiopia? A massive war has been raging since last year, yet the mainstream media hasn’t given it any attention at all.

The good news is that celebrities, like The Weekend, aren’t ignoring it. They’re bringing attention to important issues through social media.

4. Creating Groups

So many issues pass by our collective consciousness because we aren’t aware of them. That’s why organizations like Creative Community For Peace exist. They help mobilize the voice of Hollywood stars for the betterment of certain causes.

Creating these groups is one way that celebrities are making a difference.

5. Donating to Important Causes

Kodak Black got a coveted Presidential pardon after promising to donate to charity. This year, he’s made good on that promise. On Thanksgiving, he donated more than 5,000 turkeys to neighborhoods in South Florida.

Kodak wanted to give each family a turkey in person, but he was bettering himself in rehab.

Is Peace on Earth Possible in 2022?

Promoting peace on Earth has never been more important. We can’t get through and past this current pandemic situation without it! Plus, considering the current global debt situation, a global restructuring is imminent.

It’s far better to promote peace rather than conflict right now.

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