8 Terrific Health Benefits Of Straight Teeth

8 Terrific Health Benefits Of Straight Teeth

According to one recent study, seven in 10 people are self-conscious about their teeth. Moreover, 50% of people grin with their mouths closed, perhaps for the same reason.

Are you considering orthodontic treatment to straighten your smile? If so, then the reward could be more comprehensive than you’d imagined. Today, we’re sharing eight benefits of straight teeth that can affect your whole-body health!

1. Improved Self-Confidence

Remember that statistic from above? When your teeth are crowded, crooked, or irregularly aligned, it can have a direct impact on your confidence and self-esteem. You deserve to smile assuredly and share it with the world!

When you pursue teeth straightening treatments, you can get that spark back and reclaim your selfie stance.

2. Easier to Clean Teeth

Crooked teeth can be difficult to properly brush and floss around. This can cause a buildup of oral bacteria in your mouth.

As you eat sugary or starchy foods, those bacteria can release acids that form plaque. That’s the hard, sticky substance that leads to cavities. As a result, you’re more at risk of developing tooth decay, as well as gum disease.

Straighter teeth are easier to clean around, which can lower this risk. You’ll be able to get the bristles of your toothbrush fully around each tooth, and floss can glide up and around each tooth more smoothly, too. This can lower the number of bacteria in your mouth, improving your oral health!

3. Easier to Chew and Speak

Did you know that misaligned teeth can actually make it difficult to chew and speak properly? This can occur in more severe cases, which also impact your jaw alignment.

Though you might not even realize it, your teeth play a vital role in the way that you talk. You use your teeth and tongue to annunciate words and make sounds. If your teeth are crowded, protruding, or spaced too far apart, then you may not have full access to conventional speaking patterns.

Correctly these issues can improve your speech. At the same time, it can also make it easier to enjoy your favorite foods, which may have been difficult before.

4. Improved Digestion

The ability to chew properly doesn’t just mean enjoying more options on the dinner menu! It can also help you digest your food more easily, too.

When you can thoroughly chew up your food with ease, then you can jumpstart the digestion process every time you eat. This can improve your overall gut health, and allows your stomach and intestines to function as they should.

Conversely, improper chewing can slow down digestion. It also makes your gut work overtime to process the foods that you eat. This can lead to gastrointestinal distress.

If you’ve been experiencing stomach issues, then this link could be to blame. You can find local orthodontists in your area who can assess your concerns and determine if a tooth-straightening treatment can help.

5. A Longer-Lasting Smile

Another one of our top straight teeth benefits? Healthy, properly aligned teeth will last longer! When your teeth are misaligned, then they’re prone to wear down after years of unnatural biting and chewing.

Bite issues add extra strain on vulnerable areas of your mouth that aren’t naturally designed to experience that kind of stress. As a result, you might find that they’re decaying or diminishing at a faster pace than expected. Left untreated, this can lead to a range o dental issues, such as:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Notching at your gum line
  • Flattening at your biting surface

These problems are more than unsightly. They can also increase your risk of other periodontal issues, which can mean pricey dental work down the road.

6. Less Neck, Jaw, and Head Pain

When your teeth are crooked, it can place extra pressure on your jaw, gums, and temporomandibular joints (TMJ). Over time, this can lead to dull, aching pain in your head and neck. It can also cause earaches, dizziness, or ringing in your ears.

This is especially the case if you suffer from bruxism, or excessive teeth grinding. One of the top benefits of braces is that they gently shift your teeth into proper alignment. When this happens, it successfully relieves that unnatural pressure and greatly lessens any pain you’ve been feeling.

If you’ve been dealing with uncomfortable headaches or a sore jaw, then it’s time to consider if your teeth could be the culprit. Straightening them can help you reclaim your health, along with your quality of life.

7. Improved Overall Health

We’ve already covered that your mouth can be a hotbed for oral bacteria. Yet, did you realize that some of these bacteria can actually travel through your mouth to the rest of your body?

When your teeth and gums aren’t properly cleaned, then you’re at a heightened risk of developing a range of systemic health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. This can occur when bacteria travels from your teeth and gum tissue into your blood vessels and bloodstream, where it can then enter your arteries.

8. Fewer Injuries

If your teeth are protruding or misaligned, then they could be more vulnerable to injury in the event of an oral accident. These types of accidents can range from sports injuries to slips and falls.

Teeth that are straight and aligned fit neater into your mouth, making them less susceptible to impact. For maximum protection, speak to your dentist about a specially-fitted mouthguard, especially if you play contact sports.

Reap These Benefits of Straight Teeth

It’s no secret that aligned teeth look beautiful. However, this is only one of the many reasons why patients turn to orthodontic treatments.

The benefits of straight teeth are far-reaching and include every aspect of your whole-body health. Not only can you eat, chew, and speak more easily, but you’ll also lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. At the same time, you’ll improve digestion and lower your risk of systemic health conditions.

As you consider treatment, we’re here to deliver all the health, fitness, and lifestyle news you need. Keep checking our site for more informative guides!

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