A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Antiques

A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Antiques

Did you know that the most precious antique sold was a Qing Dynasty Vase from 1736? And it sold for a whopping $80 million! Since there’s a chance you hit it big, it’s no surprise that collecting antiques has become a popular hobby.

But, finding valuable antiques isn’t always as easy as they portray on TV shows like American Pickers. First, you’ll need to know where to find antiques and how to care for them properly. That’s why in today’s post, we’re going to go through the basics of antique collecting.

How to Find Antiques

To start collecting antiques, you’ll want to know where to find them as you won’t find them at conventional stores. So, let’s briefly explain possible locations.

Garage Sales

Even though this method of selling items isn’t as common as before, most towns advertise them in the newspaper’s classified section. If there are some in your area, you’ll be able to find lots of precious gems. But, of course, you’ll need to know how to bargain as items don’t always have a set price.

Charity Stores

Often, people donate their old furniture, clothes, and other antique belongings to charity. Unfortunately, most charities are well-aware of that fact, so they go through the merchandise beforehand. However, they miss a thing or two, so it never hurts to check.

Flea Markets

More often than not, people who set up their stalls at the flea market acquire their merchandise through auctions. As you can imagine, some items bought in auctions may be quite valuable, so it’s well worth your time to sift through all their merchandise.


Without a doubt, the best place to get antiques is at auctions. There are many different types of auctions, from entire homes and whatever is inside to small storage lockers.

How to Clean Antiques

Once you find an antique that you feel is worth something, you’ll want to clean it before selling it, as it’ll add more value to it. For anything that isn’t furniture, you’ll want only to use warm water and soap. And if you find wooden furniture, you may be able to use the pressure washer on it.

How to Sell Antiques

Before you put a price tag on your precious antiques, you’ll want to evaluate how much it’s worth. You can do this by either looking online at similar objects or taking them to a professional antique store. Be sure always to do this, especially if you have any porcelain items, as they have been known to fetch a lot of money, as mentioned in the intro.

If you feel you do have a valuable porcelain item, be sure to check out this article. And once you know how much they’re worth, you can go to your local flea market or even try selling it on eBay.

Start Collecting Antiques Today

As you can see, collecting antiques to sell isn’t a hard thing to do. But, of course, it does take a lot of time and some money. But, as you can see, you can sell these antiques and make a decent profit.

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