All you need to know about house and land packages

All you need to know about house and land packages


House and land packaging is a new concept. It involves the combination of land and house loans into one package, and it is the easiest way of buying a new home. House and land packages come with various incentives. It provides benefits to the buyer because now they can buy a home in their favourite location as well as build their home with their well-suited design. There are two contracts entered in house and land packages, but it is a one-stream lined process. It eliminates the additional cost to the buyer and is considered the best option over buying an old existing house. This article provides a general overview of the basic understanding of house and land packaging.

What are the different plans in house and land packages?

In house and loan packages, the property developer purchases the property from the government and then builds the structures on the land. As far as financing of house and land packages is concerned, it involves two contracts. In house and land packages, there is a fixed price and an individual needs to take loans. An individual needs to take a mortgage for land and, after that, a construction loan to build the house. Alternatively, when an individual prefers to buy an existing old house, he only needs to take a mortgage on land. For more information click home builders.

In house and land packages, two types of plans are involved. These are turnkey packages and off-the-plan packages. Turnkey packages include selling off the house after fully renovating it. It contains gates, floors, windows, etc. It had less risk than other packages because an individual could move onto the land without worrying about building a house. In an off-the-plan package, the property is sold without building any structure at a lower price. It involves more risk because there are high chances that the property might not meet the standards of buyer expectations.

Advantages of house and land packages

There are various benefits of buying a house and land package. The major advantage of house and land packages is that they come up with a fixed price and an individual only has to pay the stamp duty on the land because the house is not yet built. House and land packages are an affordable way of buying a home because it is time-saving as well as cost-effective. It provides a chance for an individual to customise the house with amazing designs and decors that suit their land. It is a simple process because the plans for the new house are already designed by the property developer.


House and land packages are a new concept and it is the easiest way to buy a home. The house and land packages are financed by taking two loans, one on the land and the other one for the construction. House and land packages have various benefits because they come with various government incentives. An individual can customise their house by choosing the desired location as well as by making designs, décor, and other things 

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