How to Use an ATM in 2k22?

In this article, we study about ATM, uses of an ATM, advantages and its types. The first ATM was built and installed by the John Shepherd Barron in 1967, and it was installed in London.

ATM and its History:

ATM full form automated teller machine, and it is an electronic device which helps users to perform the financially transactions and also taking information about accounts such as withdraw, balance inquiry and other accounts issue without direct interaction with bank staff.


The first automated teller machine was built in and installed in June 1967 on the street of London, at a branch of Barclays bank London. It was invented by a British inventor named John Shepherd Barron. This machine allows user to withdraw maximum GBP10 or 13.25 USD $ at a time.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

When we use any object first we learn about that is it benefit for us, or it has some disadvantages, so in below we discuss some advantages and disadvantages of ATM:


  • The biggest benefit of an ATM is that they allow access to withdraw cash at any time or place.
  • It can offer financially inclusion
  • It’s offer a wide range of services like deposit, account inquiry and person to person payment etc
  • Compare to brick and mortar, it is cheaper to build and maintain.
  • They have ability to still working during any disaster or any health crises. 


  • One of the main disadvantage is that the robber, hacker and other criminal easily target it.
  • Setting up ATM is affordable for financial institutes but not same for the user.
  • Lack of personal service is another disadvantage of it
  • If you have a problem with bank card or forgot your pin, you can’t withdraw cash from it
  • If you lost your Card, it may be misused.
  • Cash limit to withdraw. 


 There are two main types of atm those are following;

Basic Unit:

The basic unit allow costumer or user to just withdraw cash and update about account balance.

Complex Machine:

A complex machine can accept deposit, facilitate line of credit payment and deposit and access account information.


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Each and every ATM have different structure but all of they have the following same basic parts;

Card Reader:

It can read the magnetic chip from the back of the card or the form of the front of the card.


This keypad is used by costumer to put information like personal identification number which is also known as PIN.

Cash Dispenser:

Bills are dispensed through the slot of the machine, which is connected to the safe at the bottom of the machine.


If required, a consumer can request receipts that are printed here.


Information is transmitted on screen like account and balance information.

Withdraw Limit:

If we use ATM then a question occur in our mind that is how much cash we can withdraw from ATM machine per day? The common answer is it’s depend on the type of bank or account, but generally we can daily withdraw $300 to $2000.

Can we Deposit Cash or a Check at an ATM:

 If as a user, you think that can we deposit cash or check at an ATM? The answer is yes, it is possible to deposit cash or check by using deposit enabled ATM. With the growing availability of mobile deposit through you can just stay home take a picture of your check and submit it by using bank app. So why we need to deposit it from ATM we can deposit cash or check by using mobile phone or laptop.