Best WordPress plugins for developers

Best WordPress plugins for developers

I will start this text with one quote, actually a WordPress quote: “Everything you can’t set up in your WordPress site, you can find some plugin for that.”

So, stop the panic, take it easy and learn more about these powerful tools. The role of the plugins in a WordPress site is enormous, but their selection is also very important. That means we need to decide what we want to achieve with our plugins and what kind of plugins are necessary for our website.

The main significance of WordPress plugins is in their improvement of the functionality of the website. Some problems on the webpage, such as slow loading, ranking on Google, etc., can be caused by WordPress plugins. Only use the plugin that you know you need because too many plugins can load the website. On the other side, we have too many plugins that increase website speed, functionality, and SEO (search engine optimization).

Imagine that you have an eCommerce website. Your main goal is to find the customers of your products. The competition is enormous, and you won’t waste your time and money. Conversions are the most critical indicator of your website traffic. On the eCommerce website, conversion rates are the percentage of users who have bought some product from your website. There comes to de fore a speed of loading the page. We have much research about how the loading webpage has an impact on the conversion rate. The results are the same for all: Pages that load faster have a higher conversion rate percentage. Conversion rate is also affected by website design, page layout, SEO optimization, etc. All of the mentioned factors can improve using the appropriate plugins. So, the following text will be more about the best WordPress plugins for developers and their features and advantages.

WP Reset

If you want to remove all sections from your website and start from the beginning, this is the best plugin for you. With this plugin, you won’t waste your time deleting pages or posts one by one. All you need to do is install this plugin and discover the all-powerful options that the plugin provides.

Let’s talk a little bit more about some WP Reset features.

  • Snapshots – it is a copy of all WP database tables. If you use various reset tools, then you often click on the update button. Before that, create the snapshot and be sure that your whole database is saved
  • Plugin and Thems Collection makes the installation of 10 plugins in just one click. The plugins that come in this collection are Classic editor, Under construction page, 301. Almost every website needs all those plugins
  • The emergency Recovery Tool helps when you have a problem with logging into your website. It is also a standalone script that can help you in various situations, so even if you got locked out of WordPress If you know your username and password, but you only see a white screen without fields for typing. Don’t worry; when you install this tool, you will get a script that is entirely independent of WP and always works
  • Automatic Snapshots allows you to set up and automatically store snapshots before running the reset tool
  • The Cloud – store WP Reset’s Snapshots and Collections on the cloud, and you can access them from every site.
  • Wp Reset Dashboard is helpful if you have more websites. Create the dashboard and be able to control Snapshots and Collections from all your websites.

Under Construction Page

If we allow the search engine to index our website before we finish it, we should pay attention to the design of our page. The Under Construction Page plugin provides many templates for under construction pages, and it comes with many other features.

Coming soon page is helpful when our website is still not ready. It creates a great coming soon page that helps you build a buzz and generate leads before launch. This page is also vital for SEO (search engine optimization) because even if your website isn’t ready yet, you can do SEO when you build this web page. Write a Meta description, add a page title, keywords, etc., and start working on the position of your website on Google before you have even finished it.

The maintenance mode also comes with this plugin and returns an HTTP status 503 when you are doing short-term maintenance on an existing site. The google search engines will know that your site is undergoing maintenance and should return in one day when this mode is finished.

WP 301 Redirects

When you change the URL of your website, most of your visitors will still keep using the old URL. They can be disappointed when figuring out that the site doesn’t exist anymore. It is important to redirect WordPress and those people to the new website so that the website does not lose traffic.

Whether you migrate from an old site to a new site or create a new site entirely, this plugin is excellent in handling any potential 404 errors, missing URLs, and 301 redirects.

Instead of presenting a clever 404 error page to your users and lose their engagement, why not redirect them to their desired destination instead? This plugin allows you to easily handle redirects without the users even knowing they are being redirected.

Another notable feature of this plugin is the SEO retaining systems that come with it.

With its excellent and easy to use functions, it will be of great help to any WordPress developer

WP Sticky 

Some of the WordPress elements are better when they are statically positioned. It means that when we scroll down to the website, these elements are sticky. A sticky header is the most popular, but the other elements, like widgets or menus, can also be sticky.

This plugin can finish all this work in a few seconds.

Why should we make elements sticky? The main reason is to make elements more visible. The user experience is better when the header is fixed at the top of the web page. The users can scroll down your page, but they have access to the navigation at all times, and they can choose some other page wherever they want.

Some “Call to action” buttons can be more noticeable when they are sticky. For example, many kinds of research showed that the “Add to cart” button increases conversion on your website because it gives customers the ability to select buying items from anywhere on your page.

This plugin can work with everything, and it is compatible with all of them, page builders and plugins. Also, you have the options to choose different screens to set up sticky elements. For example, you can add some sticky elements only for the desktops, but they won’t be sticky on mobile. Or, your header can be sticky on some pages and not on others.

Google Maps Widget PRO

When your company has a place where your customers can find it, the first place where they will search the street name is your website. Except for the street name, it can be easier to find you if your website has an embedded map. Pay attention to potential customers who are not from your town. They will need complete instructions on how to find your company. Fortunately, we have a great solution on how to resolve this problem. Install the Google Map Widget PRO and discover a lot of features that give all required location information to your customers.

Here are some features about Google Map Widget PRO:

  • The plugin is easy to use, and you don’t have to spend hours setting up
  • You can create more than one map with this plugin
  • Where do you want to display your map? Post, or page? It is your decision
  • Your map is mobile-friendly. It’s very important because most of the website users are on the mobile phone
  • With this plugin, you can choose the design of your map and customize it the way you like


It’s impossible to imagine working with WordPress without plugins. Those great tools, written in PHP code, give developers enormous possibilities during site development. All the plugins are different and alike at the same time. What does that mean? The function of every one of them is the same: extending current features or adding new features to WordPress websites. On the other hand, every plugin is specific and provides characteristics that distinguish it from the other one.

The number of available plugins is enormous (48 000). Some of them are used more frequently, and almost every website needs them. This text was about the best ones out of them, their advantages, and the reasons why we need them.

The only thing that is left is to choose your website category, install WordPress, and create your favorite content with the help of these plugins.

M Ateeq