Black Demon Osrs Guide | 1 of the Dangerous Demon in Habitat

Black Demon Osrs Guide | 1 of the Dangerous Demon in Habitat

Quick overview of black demon osrs:

Black demon slayer is one of the greatest demon of osrs habitat. They have high fighting skills but low defensive skills for their level. Like other demons, superior black demon osrs  are weak against magical and demon bane weapons.


Greater demon osrs can be safe spotted by magic and halberds in all of their locations.

Edgeville Dungeon (Wilderness)Maplink3172
Taverley DungeonMaplink24178, 184
Wilderness Slayer CaveMaplink4172
Brimhaven DungeonMaplink4188
Catacombs of KourendMaplink4172
Chasm of Fire (Bottom Level)Maplink17172
Black demon location


Black demon can be easily destroyed by attacking on safe point by magic or utilizing melee with prayer of shield  from melee, and also they are assigned at 80 fighting level by various slayer masters.

black demon safespot


Like other demons, black demon also have some weakness, these are below,

Silver light
Dark light
Arc light

And they are also weak against magic.

Drops Tables:

Armors Table:

Rune med helm1
Rune chainbody1

Green Herbs Table:

Grimy guam leaf1
Grimy marrentill1
Grimy tarromin1
Grimy harralander1
Grimy ranarr weed1
Grimy irit leaf1
Grimy avantoe1
Grimy kwuarm1

Weapon/Armors Table:

Steel battleaxe1
Black axe1
Black sword1
Mithril kiteshield1

Runes Table:

Air rune50
Fire rune37
Chaos rune5; 10; 12
Blood rune7

Safe spots:

Here we watch  the video for black demon osrs safe spots where it is more powerful.


The black demon of osrs is destroyed during the grand tree can be killed in nightmare area after the mission has completed. Killing black demon in nightmare area was count as a kill for slayer task.

Black Demon Tertiary Osrs:

ItemsAmountGeneral Price
Looting bag1Not sold
Ensouled demon head12,519
Clue scroll (hard)1Not sold

The clue scroll drop rate increase with the completion of the hard fight achievements.

Wilderness Slayer Tertiary:

ItemsAmountGeneral PriceRarity
Larran’s key1Not sold1/68
Slayer’s enchantment12,2651/160

Black demon rare Drop Table:

ItemsRarityAmountGeneral Price
Nothing1/47.82; Never[d 1]N/AN/A
Uncut sapphire1/99.3; 1/50.4[d 2]1361
Uncut emerald1/198.6; 1/101[d 2]1633
Uncut ruby1/397.2; 1/202[d 2]11,230
Loop half of key1/651.3; 1/543[d 2]19,989
Tooth half of key1/651.3; 1/543[d 2]19,942
Chaos talisman1/1,059; 1/538[d 2]1410
Uncut diamond1/1,589; 1/807[d 2]12,745
Rune javelin1/3,178; 1/1,614[d 2]5890
Runite bar1/3,277112,415
Nature rune1/5,4616715,075
Rune 2h sword1/5,461137,734
Rune battleaxe1/5,461124,401
Law rune1/8,192458,100
Death rune1/8,192458,955
Steel arrow1/8,1921501,650
Rune arrow1/8,192421,680
Adamant javelin1/8,192201,180
Rune sq shield1/8,192122,449
Silver ore1/8,192100 (noted)3,700
Rune spear1/13,006; 1/1,221[d 2][d 3]111,794
Rune kiteshield1/16,384131,989

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