Bloodveld Osrs Demons Ultimate Guide | How It Wants to Attack 1

Bloodveld Osrs Demons Ultimate Guide | How It Wants to Attack 1

Bloodveld osrs is a type of demon character which utilizes his tongue to do critical damage. You need to surpass this character to level up. In this guide, we’ve featured everything including bloodveld weakness osrs , special abilities and damage rating.

Quick Guide on bloodveld osrs:


Bloodveld are a sort of game person evil presence that utilizes their long tongues to assault their casualties. Being a slayer beast, he required a degree of 50+ to be harmed by the player.These strategies are also featured on bloodveld osrs reddit which is explained below.

Game Strategy

Bloodveld is one of the few beasts that assault with sorcery based scuffle, implying that in spite of it utilizing skirmish assaults against the player, it is the player’s enchanted protection (rather than their scuffle safeguard) that is utilized to decide the exactness of the bloodveld’s assault.

Thus, it is prescribed for players killing bloodvelds to outfit shields with nice wizardry protection, for example, dragonhide, as they are moderately precise in battle. Players utilizing petition should in any case supplicate scuffle rather than sorcery to invalidate harm.

bloodveld  Drop Table:

Uncut ruby11,251
Uncut diamond12,789
Uncut sapphire1367
Nature talisman1895
Dragon spear137,281
Rune spear111,792

Green herbs Table:

ItemsAmountRetails price
Grimy guam leaf115
Grimy marrentill113
Grimy tarromin1132
Grimy harralander1674
Grimy kwuarm11,165
Grimy cadantine11,312
Grimy lantadyme11,391
Grimy dwarf weed1448

Mutated Bloodveld:

Some types of bloodvelds are difficult to kill, they require a certain player level of 50 and like regular bloodveld  the mutated bloodveld of osrs attacks are based on magic-melee. The player can also teleport to an altar & then teleport back to the catacombs instead of, using prayer potions instead of food.


Wilderness god war dungeonmaplink815
Slayer tower (basement)maplink7612
Slayer tower(2nd floor)maplink7615
Stronghold slayer cavemaplink7612
God war dungeonmaplink8116

Insatiable bloodveld:

It gets an opportunity of bringing forth subsequent to buying the open Bigger and Badder for 150 Slayer reward focuses from any Slayer ace.


Clue scroll (hard)1not sold
Clue scroll (elite)1not sold
Looting bag1not sold
Brimstone key1not sold
  1.  The first class piece of information parchment and coffin are possibly dropped while finishing a tip top hint scroll requesting that you kill a Bloodveld 
  2. Plundering packs are just dropped by bloodvelds in the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon. 
  3. Ecumenical key drop rates increment to 1/55, 1/50, 1/45, and 1/40 after fruition of the hard, first class, expert, and grandmaster Combat Achievements separately. 
  4. The hard sign parchment drop rate increments to 1/243; 1/121 with the finish of the hard battle accomplishments.

bloodveld osrs safespot:

The  northeastern side of the room of the slayer tower behind the chair is the bloodveld safespot osrs for them, or they can be close to the defensive layer.

bloodveld safespot osrs
bloodveld osrs safespot

Ensouled Bloodveld Head;

An ensouled bloodveld head is dropped by bloodvelds. It is utilized to acquire Prayer  by utilizing the level upto 72 magic spell expert.

bloodveld osrs weakness:

Bloodveld are weak against magic, and can be rapidly and productively killed by magic. The Greater runic staff is likewise extremely effective, as it very well may be accused of runes for spells, permitting players to take advantage of their weakness to fire spells without wasting any stock space.

Treasure trails:

If you love elite cryptic clue, you can get by killing bloodvelds “you’ll get licked”

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