Is that Blue Dragon Osrs Dangerous in Osrs 2k22 Series

 After black dragon and red dragon, blue dragon osrs is the third most dangerous chromatic dragon in old school runicscape(OSRS) character series. In this article, we discuss briefly what is blue dragon osrs  and also its levels.

Blue Dragon Osrs:

As we read above, Blue dragon osrs is the third dragrous dragon of chromatic series in below we discuss it further:

Baby Blue Dragon Osrs:

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The baby blue dragon osrs is the child or youngest form of blue dragon, and we can find it Taverley dungeon, Isle of souls dungeons and the basement of Myths Guild. Following table give you more information about its area or location where we can find them.

Area Table: 

Myths’ Guild basement483
Taverley Dungeon4812
Isle of Souls Dungeon483


If you kill a baby blue dragon, you 100% get one baby dragon bone  and also one brimstone key.

Brutal Blue Dragon Osrs:

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The brutal blue dragon osrs is the monster form of blue dragon. The brutal dragon uses mele, dragon fire and magic for attack and for defense it uses shield and anti dragon potion which protect it from magic.

It is the only one dragon which drops blue dragon hide body. We can find it at Catacombs of kourneds.


You can 100% get  by killing brutal blue dragon of osrs to drop one dragon bone and two blue dragon hide. 

Adult Blue Dragon Osrs:

Adult blue dragon osrs can breathe dragonfire which can give 50 damage if proper protection are not used, and they can also attack accurate slash attack.

Area Table:

Following table give you more information about the location or area or adult blue dragon osrs:

Isle of Souls Dungeon1114
Ogre Enclave[l 3]1116
Taverley Dungeon[l 5]1119
Taverley Dungeon (Upper Level)[l 4][l 5]11112
Corsair Cove Dungeon[l 1]1115
Heroes’ Guild Basement[l 2]1111


You can 100% get by killing blue dragons osrs one dragon bone and also one blue dragon hide.

blue dragon osrs slayer:

The blue dragon can assign as task at level 65 and slayer master after starting slayer dragon 1. The blue dragons are found in many caves, most of them have some requirements like dusty key and level 70.

Variants of monsters:

In osrs you can see following variants of blue dragon:

MonsterslevelsSlayer XPLocations
Brutal blue dragon271257Catacombs of Kourend
Vorkath392 (732)460 (750)Ungael
Baby blue dragon4850Corsair Cove DungeonIsle of Souls DungeonTaverley Dungeon
Blue dragon111107.6Corsair Cove DungeonHeroes’ Guild basementIsle of Souls DungeonOgre EnclaveTaverley Dungeon


You can get following drops by killing blue dragons osrs:

Weapons Drop Table:

Adamant full helm11/1281,746
Mithril kiteshield11/128994
Rune dagger11/1284,335
Mithril spear11/64285
Steel platelegs11/32359
Mithril axe11/42.6795
Steel battleaxe11/42.67139

Herbs Drop Table:

Grimy guam leaf11/3420
Grimy marrentill11/4518
Grimy tarromin11/60122
Grimy harralander11/78668
Grimy ranarr weed11/997,318
Grimy irit leaf11/136680
Grimy avantoe11/1821,700
Grimy kwuarm11/2181,589
Grimy cadantine11/2731,758
Grimy lantadyme11/3641,454
Grimy dwarf weed11/3641,357

Runes And Coins Drop table:

Water rune751/16375
Nature rune151/25.63,195
Law rune31/42.67561
Fire rune371/128185