Role of Bronze Dragon Osrs in Best Metallic Dragon 2k22 Series

In the previous articles, we briefly described the chromatic dragons like green dragon osrs, and now we study metallic dragon osrs. In this article, we study the weakest dragon of metallic dragon series that is the bronze dragon osrs.

Bronze Dragon Osrs:

  The bronze dragon is the sixth or we can say that the weakest dragon of the metallic dragon series. It is highly recommended to use a shield otherwise it will give you huge damage by using its long-range dragon fire breath. If you can fight with it without complete dragon fire protection, then I recommend you to stay in the melee range and use the protection from the melee to stop the damage from dragon fire.

Location/Area Bronze Dragon Osrs:

Bronze dragons are found in the brimhaven dungeon osrs and the catacombs of kourends. The following table gives you more information about the location or area of bronze dragon osrs:

Brimhaven Dungeon1313
Brimhaven Dungeon (Task only area)1315
Catacombs of Kourend1433

Baby Bronze Dragon Osrs:

Baby bronze dragons are child bronze dragons, unlike the adult bronze dragon they do not have fire breathe. Due to gaining high prayer experience players can kill them. The baby bronze dragon was killed by those players who got slayer assignments to collect their bones and does not want to kill an adult one.

Location & Drops:

Players can find baby bronze dragons at Radivers Dungeon. By killing them we can get the following drop:

ItemsAmountRarityGM Prices
Babydragon bones1Always1,868
Bronze bar1Always277

Slayer Task:

The bonze dragon osrs is the sixth metallic dragon in the series but it is not able to  underestimate. It is weak than others but if you did not use an anti-dragon shield it will give you high damage with the help of its high-ranged dragon fire breath.

Bronze Dragon Variants:

Except baby and brutal bronze dragon some other variants of bronze dragons lie in osrs(Old School Runescape), these are also known as the name of bronze dragon following table gives you more information about this variant:

VariantlevelsSlayer XPAreaNotes
Bronze dragon131,143125Brimhaven DungeonCatacombs of KourendIf they are fought without complete dragon fire protection, it is recommended to stay in melee range and use Protect from Melee, to reduce the amount of Dragonfire damage taken.

Bronze Dragon Drop Tables:

By killing bronze dragon osrs or its variants player can get the following drops which you can see in tables:

100% Get:

Player can 100% get following drops by killing bronze dragon:

Dragon bones1Always2,064
Bronze bar5Always1,110

Weapons Dropstable:

Adamant dart(p)161/18.29640
Mithril 2h sword11/321,182
Mithril axe11/42.6794
Mithril battleaxe11/42.67723
Rune knife21/42.67514
Mithril kiteshield11/1281,007
Adamant platebody11/1289,320
Rune longsword11/12818,579

Coins & Runes Droptable:

By killing a baby or adult bronze dragon you can get coins or runes which are following in table:

Adamant javelin301/6.42,400
Fire rune501/16250
Mithril bolts2–121/21.3386–516
Law rune101/25.61,400
Blood rune151/42.674,365
Death rune251/1284,625

Others Drops:

Other drops which the player can get by killing baby or adult bronze dragon osrs are following:

Brimstone key11/93; 1/91Not sold
Clue scroll (hard)11/128[d 2]Not sold