Codge Sentences

Codge Sentences

A codge sentence is a fun way to describe a careless or patchwork implementation of a concept. Here are a few example sentences. You can use these to inspire creative Codge sentences. In addition to the examples listed below, you can also create your own sentences. You can use the word to describe a variety of situations.

Cobble together

The phrase “cobble together” is an old-fashioned way to say “put together something imperfect.” We can imagine tents made of string or a sheet or jagged tears in the sky being patched together in a uniform grey. A tent made of cobbled-together pieces can be functional but uninspiring.

Old codger

The Old Codger plays 78 RPM records. The show is available as an MP3 podcast. If you’re interested in learning more, visit the podcast’s page on Podcast Central. Old Codger is a great way to support independent artists. Moreover, you’ll be supporting the artists by purchasing their products.

The term “codger” comes from the word cadger, which originally referred to an eccentric, stingy old man. It had nothing to do with falconry and was first used for itinerant dealers in the fifteenth century. Later, it was applied to beggars. The term “codger” is also a colloquial nickname for an old man.


A cadger is a person who sells goods on the street. This person usually tries to impose their goods on people. In the past, this was a common practice. In the modern era, this has become an oxymoron. However, the term is still widely used in some circles.

The word cadger comes from the Middle English word cadgear, meaning “a peddler.” These people traveled in the countryside, usually on horseback, to deliver farm produce to town markets. They also sold small wares from shops. The term was first recorded in the Middle English language in the early 1500s, but derogatory connotations came later. In the early modern era, cadger is used in a more contemporary context, such as in the movie, “A Good and a Bad One.”

Old codger is obsolete

The word “old codger” was derived from an older word called “cadger,” meaning “beggar or peddler.” It comes from the verb cadge, suggesting a more romantic time for destitute or poor people. Etymologists don’t know exactly where the word cadge came from, but it’s likely that it came from the Middle English word caggen, meaning to tie. This is when the word became synonymous with begging.

The origin of the word cadger is unclear, but it is likely influenced by the badger. In the olden days of falconry, the word was commonly used to refer to an animal that was carried by the falconer in a cage. The term was also used to describe a person who wore a hat to look like a falcon.

Meaning of codge

The meaning of the name Codge is a mix of enchanting and seductive. It is also associated with affection and sympathy. A person with the name Codge is likely to have a high level of energy. Those with this name often excel in organizing and displaying their thoughts. They are also likely to have a strong will and respect others.

The given name Codge represents a person with an open mind and a keen sense of curiosity. This personality type is patient and forward thinking, and they also have a love of adventure. People with the name Codge are likely to enjoy learning new things, as they are constantly on the lookout for new experiences.

As with many words, the word Codge has several different meanings. While most people associate it with a restless spirit, the term can also refer to a pragmatist or someone who is a pragmatist. The name Codge is often paired with the adjective patchwork.

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