Cryotherapy After Working Out: Everything You Need to Know

Cryotherapy After Working Out: Everything You Need to Know

Are you ready to take your fitness game to the next level? One way to improve your workouts is to speed up your recovery time. You’ll be able to push yourself even further with a great after-workout routine!

Cryotherapy could be just the addition you need. You’ve heard of an ice bath; cryotherapy is the next big advancement in cold treatment!

If you’re curious about this trending treatment, look no further. Here’s everything you need to know about using cryotherapy after working out!

Cryotherapy Explained

Cryotherapy is a process that briefly exposes your body to subzero temperatures. This activates your cold shock response and boosts your body’s self-repair.

There are many different types of cryotherapy fitness tools such as full-body chambers, localized machines, and even a type used in conjunction with compression therapy.

Some cryotherapy machines use liquid nitrogen to rapidly cool your body. Others use electricity or super-cooled air. Each method will yield different results, so you may need to do more research to find out which one is perfect for you.

Benefits of Using Cryotherapy

Cold treatment endures as a go-to practice for quick short-term recovery. A more traditional ice bath requires submersion for up to 20 minutes, but full-body cryotherapy takes only about 3 minutes. The speed is just one of the benefits – you still get everything that cold treatment offers!

First, cryotherapy can reduce pain and inflammation. It prevents excess fluids from building up and keeps your blood flowing.

Looking to improve your flexibility? Cryotherapy even helps with that by relaxing your muscles.

The stimulation caused by cryotherapy encourages muscle and tissue repair as well. This is because more oxygen and nutrients will flow to your cells. It could aid in weight loss as well.

What many athletes and exercisers love most about cryotherapy is the decreased recovery time! Cryotherapy is a fitness aid that can help you heal faster, and even prevent injuries caused by strained muscles.

Getting Cryotherapy

You can benefit from cryotherapy both before and after a workout. Getting it before will give you a boost in energy and endorphins for your workout. Receiving treatment afterward improves your recovery.

You can access full-body cryotherapy chambers at specialized facilities near you, or as a perk at some gyms. Sessions will vary in price, but you can expect a treatment worth at least $40.

Or, you can use a portable cryotherapy machine for localized or full-body treatments. As an added benefit of having your own machine, you’ll save money with a one-time purchase rather than a recurring fee. Plus, you can undergo treatments comfortably anywhere that is convenient for you!

Try Cryotherapy After Working Out Now

If you want to improve your recovery time and start exercising better, using cryotherapy after working out could be the best strategy for you! Learn more about the process now, or find a facility near you to experience it for yourself!

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