The Diablo Immortal | How to Fight Against Ultimate Evils of Immortal 2 & 3

Diablo Immortal is the multiplayer game in which we fight against the evils and find the until story of immortal 2 and immortal 3. Diablo Immortal is the free mobile game which is published by Blizzard Entertainment. It is a Diablo series which is developed after taking the high review results of the diablo 2 and diablo 3.

Diablo Immortal Story:

The Archangel Tyrael is the assumed dead and mankind is passed on to manage the consequence of his activities. Pieces of the great broken world stone, still embude with great power, are tainting the land. Diablos minions hope to harness that power to allow the lord of terror to come back.

Diablo Immortal release date:

Here is good news for diablo series lover, the Diablo Immortal will release in 2022. The wait of diablo’s lovers is near to end. So visit Diablo Immortal APK and pre-register to game and be the first user of Diablo Immortal.

Devices required:

If you think you will play Diablo Immortal on your pc, so the answer would be no. But if you are running emulators it will be possible, but you have to need following specifications in your pc; 

OSAndroid OS 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher
PROCESSORSnapdragon 710 / Hisilicon Kirin 810Snapdragon 855 / Hisilicon Kirin 980
STORAGE4 GB internal space

If your pc have not these minimum specifications, then you will not be able to play Diablo Immortal on your pc.

Characters of Diablo Immortal:

The game Diablo Immortal is classified into the following classes;

Taken from ;


A barbarian is a diablo character to have the ability to call forth a hammer to destroy his enemies.


A crusader is a diablo character to have the ability to call a beam of light from heaven to save her and other allies.

Demon Hunter:

Another character from diablo, is demon hunter, have the ability to fire a massive volley of arrow into the air that rain down for several seconds. 


Monk is a diablo immortal gaming character have ability to destroy enemies in an area with a focused wave of light 


Necromancer is the diablo immortal gaming character to have the ability to summon a bone golem To deal damage.


Wizard is a diablo immortal character have ability to teleports through the ethers to selected location and also have ability to hurls balls of lightning away from you to all direction.

New Enemies in Diablo Immortal:

Following are the latest enemies which are arriving in Diablo Immortals;

Skeleton King:

The skeleton king is the latest horror character of the game, that committed in life would be rivaled only by those in his death.

Haunted Carriage:

Haunted carriage is another horror enemy in diablo game series to have the ability to carry souls of dead.


The countess was raised in an isolated, forested castle in khanduras and take bath in the blood of hundreds of youth.


Fahir is the character whose empire was marked by the sacrifice of blood relation, and his power was his unstoppable rules. 


Baal is the one of the three prime evils of Diablo series and corrupter of the world stone, it revels in absolute annihilation whether he inspires it.

Glacial colossus:

Glacial colossus is the guardian of the stone that was caped in ice burn tear. 

Quick Overview;

ModeMultiplayer video game
DevelopersBlizzard Entertainment, Hong Kong net ease interactive entertainment limited
PlatformAndroid, IOS
PublisherBlizzard Entertainment
Audience rating Facebook4.7/5
Genresmassive multiplayer game, action role playing game