Gorgeous Green Indoor Plants That Can Be Used Solely For Decor 

When we talk about plants, we generally dig deep to go into the lane of science and all. When it’s about plants, everyone is talking about the benefits they provide. This is because plants are generally associated with nature, health benefits, and the ecosystem.

There is one more thing that plants are great at – the decor! Plants can be a big part of your home decor cause they can add liveliness to any place and you don’t even need to have a creative head to put plants in your space. 

Who doesn’t like to come back to a nice breathable environment after a long stressful day at the office? If I know, isn’t that the foremost reason why we go to parks? Sure plants are good for your health, I mean I can make you count hundreds of benefits that they provide.

Starting from withering away the stress and bringing calmness to the mind, some of them even have medicinal properties, others add taste to your food and the list goes on. When they are put inside the house, they are again eventually going to benefit you and your family, the only difference is that this time they are going to play a part in the decor as well.

Adding artificial decor as the decor of the house can actually be unhealthy and relying upon what you got, it can even produce toxins inside your own space which you call home. So, instead of adding bunches of artificial stuff, order plants online because they are wonderful decor as well as healthy. If you want to know which plants are best used for decoration purposes inside the space, keep reading. 

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Chinese evergreen plant

A large number of Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonemas) plants in various sizes and shapes are developed today for indoor use. It gives out high oxygen content and purges indoor air by eliminating synthetic substances, for example, formaldehyde, benzene, or different poisons, and eliminates more poisons over the long haul.

Any plant that removes toxins is good for you. It can endure low light, so you can keep it in corners or places where there is less light. Chinese evergreen additionally fills well in spots with artificial lights. More modest plants can be kept on tabletops and greater ones on the floor close by dividers.

It can develop anyplace effectively and doesn’t need a lot of water. Keep them far from daylight and cold temperatures. They are known as fortune attracting decorative plants in Asia for a long time. You can utilize the shape and shading that upgrades your room. Note that it is harmful to pets.

Areca palm

Palm is the easiest guess that one can make while buying plants for indoor space. Well, this is because it is one very reasonable low care plant that can without much of a care fill in the climate states of India. These solid plants grow up to 2-3 meters in tallness and their feathers spread across brilliantly making a lovely decor in itself.

Additionally, the moisture that they discharge battle pollutants like xylene and toluene (regularly found in nail paints, cement, and furniture paints) from the air. Totally non-toxic and non-poisonous, which is a great thing because you don’t need to stress over your pet coincidentally gulping a little piece.

The gas killing properties of the plant make it ideal for inside. Keep them in a large pot as they grow really big and wide and it will cover a lot of your empty space. 

Red aglaonema plant

Since the plants here we are talking about are mainly for decoration purposes, so the plant should be pretty as well. So, next on the list is a two-toned plant that is pretty to look at and small enough to make you go ‘aww’. The plant is called red aglaonema. It bears leaves that are two-toned, green, and pink.

Like this was not enough, these pretty leaves are supported by bright pink stems. These are the normal colors that you see when kept in low and moderate light, but you can expect more colors when kept in medium light. The plant is super easy to maintain, so it is an ideal pick for busy people. 

Kalanchoe plant

When you buy indoor plants online for your home decor, you can add a plant that gives out pretty blooms. After a lot of thought, I came to the conclusion that the list should contain at least one flowering plant too, so, here is your flower-bearing plant known as kalanchoe. This plant is an instant mood lifter and the best part is that it grows in the winter season as well. Isn’t that just great?

So, these are the pretty plants that you can use solely for decoration purposes.