2k22 Rank of Green Dragon OSRS and Best Place to Find

Green dragon osrs are weaker than black dragon, red dragon and blue dragon and got fourth rank in chromatic dragon series. After discussing the dangerous dragons of chromatic dragon series now we briefly discuss green dragon osrs.

Green Dragon Osrs:

Green dragon are the weakest dragon then other chromatic series dragon. They are found in many locations, likes wilderness and corsair cove dungeon. They can use dragon fire which can give almost 50 damage to player but only those players who didn’t use antidragon shield. 

Baby Green Dragon Osrs:

Taken from: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Baby_green_dragon#/media/File:Baby_green_dragon_(1).png

The baby green dragon osrs is the child form of runescape green dragon. Unlike adult green dragon, they do not breathe dragon fire. The player can kill it for completing the slayer task assignment.

The north-west area of plateau is the safespot for baby green  dragon.

Location of Baby Green Dragon:

The player can find baby green dragon at Brimheaven dungeon, upstairs if Fire Giants and the basement of Myths’ Guild.

Brutal Green dragon Osrs:

Taken from: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Brutal_green_dragon#/media/File:Brutal_green_dragon.png

The brutal green dragon osrs are stronger than adult or baby green dragon. For the access of brutal green dragon, the player may require to complete the training of barbarian. They can use melee and magic attacks. Unlike other brutal dragon, they didn’t drop draiconic visage.

Location of Brutal Green Dragon:

The player can find the brutal green dragon at Ancient Careven.

Ancient Cavern2277
Ancient Cavern during Dragon Slayer II2277

Green Dragon Osrs Location:

The green dragon osrs locations are shown in the below table,

Corsair Cove Dungeon[1]792
North of the Graveyard of Shadows795
South of the Lava Maze795
South of Venenatis7911
West of the Dark Warriors’ Fortress793
Wilderness Slayer Cave886

Green Dragon Osrs Slayer:

If you think about the green dragon osrs slayer, then I will tell you the green dragons are assigned as at level 52 after completing the dragon slayer 1 task. They are mostly found in wilderness, but the other variants of green dragons are found in different places, some of those i discuss in the following table.

Green Dragon other Varients:

VarientsCombat levelSlayer XPAreaNotes
Baby green dragon4850Brimhaven DungeonCorsair Cove DungeonIt is the weakest variant of green dragons.
Green dragon7975WildernessCorsair Cove DungeonIt is the standard version of green dragon.
Elvarg8380Crandor and Karamja DungeonNightmare ZoneIt is a boss monster fought during Dragon Slayer I.
Green dragon88100Wilderness Slayer CaveIt is a slightly higher-level variant.
Brutal green dragon227183Ancient CavernIt is a particularly strong variant of green dragon with an additional magic attack.

Drops Table for Green Dragon:

 The player can get following drops or items by kill a green dragon osrs:

100% Get:

The player can 100% get these items by kill a green dragon:

Green dragonhide1Always1,398
Dragon bones1Always2,040

Weapons Drop table:

 The following weapons and armors the player get by kill a green dragon:

Mithril kiteshield11/128997
Adamant full helm11/1281,747
Rune dagger11/1284,370
Mithril spear11/64282
Steel platelegs11/32358
Steel battleaxe11/42.67138
Mithril axe11/42.6794

Coin & Runes Drop Table:

By killing green dragon osrs you can get following runes or coins:

Water rune751/16375
Nature rune151/25.63,210
Law rune31/42.67555
Fire rune371/128185