How can I monitor any android mobile phone? 

Android phones are everywhere in the world, and the particular operating systems are one of the widely used OS. Almost 85% of the cellphones all over the world are running with the Android OS. Therefore, monitoring on Android has become trendy.

Plenty of people out there are searching for tools to monitor any android mobile phone. Now the question arises, who wants to track any cellphone running with Android operating systems? We are going to discuss all the legitimate reasons and programs that enable you to monitor your phone to the fullest.

Why monitor any android mobile phone?

Since cellphone technology and the internet have become widespread. There are plenty of groups of people who want to spy on android cellphones.

The rise and the rise of social messaging apps have created plenty of issues for parents, employers, and people who are in a relationship. Parents are trying their best to monitor the android phones of children active with social media apps to make sure the safety from online predators.

 On the other side, employers do track android device of the workforce to keep a hidden eye on them to protect business data. Individuals are also concerned like they want to monitor the cellphone activities of the loved one to prevent cheating.

If you are willing to monitor android phone calls, messages, social messaging apps, emails, GPS location, keystrokes, and monitor surroundings, you can use the cellphone monitoring app for Android. 

What is Android monitoring software? 

Do you want to track an android phone? No matter you are struggling parents to set parental control on kid’s phones or looking forward to monitoring employee phones being an employer.

You can install an Android spy app for android on your targeted device and then use its online dashboard to visit the features. Now you can use the following mentioned features to track and monitor any Android device to the fullest.

Screen recorder

You can get access to the online dashboard of the TheOneSpy phone monitoring app and activate screen recording. It can record cellphone screen short videos back to back and send the videos to the online dashboard. You can watch and examine what android user is up to. It gives you the cunning advantage to know kids’ or employees’ activities in real-time.

GPS location tracking

Location tracking is in trend these days. Parents used to track kids’ and teens’ locations when they are outside hanging out with friends. On the other hand, employers do want to know what employees outside the premises of the company during working hours.

GPS tracker for android is the best tool to use on the cellphone device to monitor the pinpoint location of any android device of your child or employee. It enables you to know about the weekly and daily location history and is also able to track the route MAP of the target person by using the route Map tracker.

You can also create a Geofence of one place where your kids are going and get to know kids’ location to the fullest. You can mark safe and forbidden zones virtually on the map. You can monitor and track any Android device location with accuracy and efficiency.

Email monitoring

Users can monitor and track emails on android phones of your children and employee by using email monitoring software. You can spy on emails and get to know about the context of the email to avoid any illegal activity via email at the workplace.

Email monitoring is necessary for business safety to stop your employees from leaking out business secrets with third parties. Parents can monitor and track emails on android to stay updated all the time.

IM’s social media

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and today parents want to protect teens from cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and sexual predators. Teens are highly obsessed with social messaging apps on android devices.

On the other hand, employees used to using messenger like Skype, WhatsApp, and many more during working hours. Now you can get the logs of instant messaging apps on android with a social media monitoring app.

IM’s call recording

Now you can monitor and record social messaging apps VoIP calls on android without root. You can use IM’s VoIP call recorder to get the job done. You can record one-sided Voice calls on WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, Telegram, and many more. Users can send recorded calls to the android monitoring app online dashboard.

Block live calls on android

Users can remotely block live incoming calls of strangers on a kid’s cellphone, and you can also block calls on an employee device to prevent time-wasting activities during working hours.


Android monitoring app is the best tool for parents and employers that want to monitor any android phone of teens and employees to the fullest.