How to Find Tire Size on Your Vehicle

How to Find Tire Size on Your Vehicle

One Australian study found that 64% of surveyed adults with driver’s licenses had been in at least one car accident. Many drivers fail to realize they can reduce their risk of being in a car accident with proper vehicle care.

For example, learning how to find the tire size of your vehicle can help you avoid potentially deadly accidents. That means a safer experience for you, your passengers, and other drivers.

In this article, we discuss tire size meaning and how to read tire sizes. We also discuss the use of a tire size calculator. Continue reading to learn how to find the tire size to increase your safety while driving.

Tire Size Meaning

Before you can find the tire size, it’s important to know the tire size meaning. Tire size refers to the specific characteristics of a tire in order to ensure it fits your vehicle. 

Finding the correct tire size is not just important for an overall care car. It also helps ensure and maintain top performance, safety, and even efficiency. Incorrect sizing can result in inaccurate speedometer readings and slower acceleration.

In some states, selecting the incorrect vehicle tires is illegal due to safety hazards. In order to remain compliant with local laws and vehicle regulations, you want to find the tire size intended by the manufacturer. 

Where to Find the Tire Size

There are a few locations on your vehicle that will list the manufacturer’s recommended tire sizes. The first and easiest place to look is on the tire itself. As tires wear over time, these small numbers may become difficult to read.

The next location is the tire information sticker. This is usually located on the driver’s side door. You can also find other information about your vehicle in this location. 

Finally, if you have your vehicle’s owner’s manual, this includes all kinds of helpful information about how to properly care for your car. You can find the tire size for your car inside the manual. 

When to Use a Tire Size Calculator

Some tires are not stock tires, meaning they may use non-standard sizing information. This can make it challenging to get the information you need to ensure the proper fit or how a different size may affect your vehicle’s performance.

If you want to compare the measurements of two tires, a tire size calculator is your best option. These are typically found online. Start by inputting the measurements of the tire and then compare them to find speedometer error and other details.

How to Read Tire Sizes

When you read tire sizes, there are 5 pieces of information available. The first is the tire type, which is usually designated by a number such as ‘P’ or ‘LT.’ This tells you which standard the tires were designed to.

Next, you have the tire width, aspect ratio, construction, and wheel diameter. Once you’ve determined the tire type, you can use the remaining information to make your tire selection. has a great selection to choose from. 

Find the Tire Size Your Car Needs

Find the tire size your car needs by putting your knowledge of how to read tire sizes to use. Using a tire size calculator is helpful in making conversions and understanding how different sizes will affect your use of your car as well.

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