How to Fix Common TV Problems

How to Fix Common TV Problems

For better or worse, we are a nation of television watchers. Some say we are in a second golden era of television, and while that may be debatable, there’s no doubt that people are watching television more than ever.

That’s why it can be all the more frustrating to find out that your television doesn’t seem to be working properly. Learning how to troubleshoot common TV problems can help you get out of this situation and back to enjoying your favorite shows.

What are some of the issues you might run into, and how can you resolve them? Read on, and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Television Won’t Turn On

The most aggravating television issue of all might be when the device just doesn’t want to turn on whatsoever. This can be baffling, though often this can be the kind of issue that is easiest to trace the cause of.

Let’s start with the obvious: is the television plugged in? You might want to feel above this query, but you’d be surprised how many people realize their set has become unplugged without their knowing it.

Checking to make sure your television has power should always be your first move. If it still isn’t working? See if you’ve accidentally lowered the brightness on your remote down to a level where the screen isn’t showing.

Last but not least, check your input settings. If you’re on an input option that has nothing connected, it might just show as a clean black screen even if your TV connection is fine.

Hearing An Audio Echo

Feel like you’re hearing double when you use your set? It might be due to the fact that you have an external sound system connected to your television.

If you do, the audio might play out of your television and the external system simultaneously. The external system is likely to have a very slight delay, creating the echo effect that you are witnessing.

Resolving this is easy. Simply use your remote to turn down the volume on your television. This should isolate things so that it is coming out of the sound system only.

Bad Connection

Is the signal from your television coming in and out in an inconsistent manner? You might be having trouble with your cable provider.

Unfortunately, the only real solution for this involves speaking to someone from the cable company in question. There’s not much you can do at home to resolve the issue. If you are accessing your television through WiFi, there might be an interruption in your overall internet access. 

Restarting your router might resolve this. You could also make a switch and look into television antenna installation near you if you’re looking for a permanent solution. 

At the end of the day, dealing with these issues is better than having a totally broken television. 

Dealing With Common TV Problems

Need some help with TV troubleshooting? There are several common TV problems that come up, but the above information can help you fix some of the more prevalent issues. 

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