How to Land Your Dream Remote Job

Almost half of all Americans prioritize the ability to work from home when it comes to potential job benefits. Are you interested in remote work as well? Why not try to get a remote job?

Getting a remote job isn’t much different from getting an “in-person” job in 2021, but if it’s been a while since you’ve sent out applications, it might seem confusing.

We’re here to help. Keep reading to learn all about how to get a remote job that you’ll love.

Research Potential Jobs

The first step of finding the right remote job is learning about the various types of jobs that you can actually do from home.

Look into potential salary ranges for remote jobs to see if they’d be sustainable for you. Consider your own pre-existing skills and experience to determine which jobs would be a good fit.

If you have friends who work from home, talk to them about their experiences. There are pros and cons to remote work, so make sure that it’s a good fit for you.

Remember that in 2021, more businesses than ever are hiring remote employees. You have so many options and there’s plenty of information online about each potential position.

Think Outside of the Box

Speaking of researching jobs, don’t restrict yourself to “conventional” remote positions.

When many people think of remote work, they think of data entry, marketing, and virtual assisting. While these are all valid jobs, there are so many more options. There’s likely something out there that will be perfect for your preferences.

Do you have a college education? There are plenty of tutoring and online teaching jobs available for anyone who’s willing to put in the time and effort to educate.

Are you a writer? Why not try copywriting, content writing, or any other type of freelance ghostwriting?

You can do almost anything from home. There are home game developers, music producers, artists, coders, and more. Your options are endless as long as you have the skills and experience to fill the role.

Become an Attractive Candidate

Speaking of skills and experience, you have to make yourself the most attractive candidate for the job if you want to land it.

If you already have plenty of skills and experiences under your belt, you can ignore this part. If you’re relatively new to the workforce, though, you may need to put some time and effort into building yourself up.

Consider taking an online course or some classes at a community college. Get some relevant certifications or do some “real-life” work to build up your resume.

If you’re looking for creative or coding work, make sure that you build a strong portfolio before you start looking for positions and clients. You need to be able to prove that you’re the best person for the job.

This is the least fun part of applying for jobs (and it has to happen before the application process even starts). That said, you’ll have an easier time finding a job that’s a perfect fit for you if you commit to bettering yourself first.

Learn Good Interview Etiquette

When was the last time you had a job interview? Was it online?

COVID-19 has changed the interview world for good. Now, many job interviews are online via video chats. This has left many people confused.

Remember that online interviews aren’t much different from “real-life” interviews. You should dress well, do your best to make eye contact, and prepare yourself ahead of time.

A good interview can be the difference between landing a position and not even getting a call back.

Fix Your Resume

How is your resume looking? It’s time to revise it to prepare yourself for the perfect online position.

Getting a remote job doesn’t require having remote positions in the past, but you may need to reword a few things on your resume. How can you translate your real-world experiences into online work?

For skilled work or work in a field that you’ve already had experience in, this won’t be a problem. If you’re brand new to this specific field and online work in general, you’ll have to be creative.

Are you adept at typing? Can you use excel? Are you a strong communicator through online channels?

Remember that when you’re revising your resume, you aren’t just revising it for this specific position (though that is the most important part). You’re also revising it for online work.

Write a Good Cover Letter

Too many people choose not to write cover letters when they’re applying for positions. When you’re applying for a remote job, a cover letter is crucial for higher-level work.

But how do you write a good cover letter? There’s a simple formula that you can follow.

Start with a story. Talk about why you’re interested in this specific company or client, how your experience is relevant, and what it is that draws you to this field. Don’t be too wordy; this shouldn’t extend beyond one paragraph.

Talk about your skills in the next paragraph. Get specific about how those skills apply to specific tasks of the job. This is your time to impress the employer.

Wrap it up by summarizing the previous paragraphs. Always end with a request for future contact and let the employer know the best ways to contact you.

Write with confidence. Act as though you are the best possible candidate for the job (because you are).

Consider Going Through Recruiters

So what if you’re still struggling to find the perfect position? Never be afraid to ask for help.

Finding work is tough. You can be the best candidate with the most experience and still struggle to get started. A recruiter will analyze your situation and make sure that you find a good fit.

On a site like Gigzio talk to a recruiter about your goals and start finding the remote gigs.

Good Luck With Your Remote Job Hunt

Your perfect remote job is right around the corner. Use these remote job tips to find and land your new remote career!

You’re well on your way to a future of working from home.

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