How to Make Your New Employees Feel Welcome and Prepared

As an employer, you need to know that about 79% of employees would quit their jobs if they feel unappreciated. The good news is that 60% of them say recognition motivates them more than money. This means you need to make your new employees feel welcome and show them they belong from the word go.

The best way to achieve this is by having a solid onboarding process. Onboarding makes new hires more engaged with the company and increases employee retention by 82%. That said, we’re going to share with you some of the best ways to make new employees feel welcome and prepared.

Keep reading to find 15 ways to make your new employees feel welcome and prepared.

Welcome Your New Employees

Send new employees a welcome email with helpful resources and contact information that they can access at any time. It’s important to reach out to new employees as soon as they join the company and let them know you’re happy they’re a part of the team. This could be done in a variety of ways, such as sending an email, giving a call, or even stopping by their desk to say hello.

Don’t wait too long because new employees may feel like they are just another number in the company and no one really cares about them. When new employees start working, it’s also important to make sure that they have all the necessary contact information and resources they need at their fingertips.

This way, if they ever have any questions or need help with anything, they can always reach out to someone in the company. Plus, it’s a nice way to welcome new employees and show them that you’re happy to have them on board.

Conduct a New Hire Orientation

New hires want to know they’re wanted, and new employee orientation allows you to express the new company culture alongside new colleagues and direct managers. By doing this, new hires will get a good understanding of their role. They’ll know what’s expected of them in order for them to succeed and make the best use of their time at the company.

You can start new hire orientations with an icebreaker question like “What’s the last book you read?” or “Where did you go on vacation?” This way, your new hires get more comfortable speaking with each other while opening up about themselves. It helps build rapport among team members even before new hires step inside the office.

Give Them a Tour of the Office

A tour of the office is a great way for new employees to get acquainted with their new surroundings. It also helps them meet their new colleagues and get a sense of the company culture. You can even take them on a tour of the facilities if your company has offices in different locations.

Furthermore, give them an overview of the company’s history, culture, and values. It’s important for new employees to understand them from the outset. This will help them to better understand why the company does things the way it does and what’s important to the team.

It’ll also help them fit in better and work together as a cohesive unit. It’ll help them feel like a part of the team and know what is expected of them. You could do this during the new employee training process or by having a meeting with new employees to go over these topics.

Offer Training on Company Technology and Software Tools

It is vital to teaching new employees how to operate company tech and software properly before letting them loose with it. A new employee is bound to have lots of questions about using the company’s technology or software tools properly. More so if your company uses complex software packages or requires new employees to work with new computer programs.

The best way to help new employees feel welcome is by offering training even before they ask. If you have several programs they need to orient with, you can have experts show them gradually as they go through training and onboarding. This way, by the time onboarding, is done, and you leave them to their jobs, they’ll be well aware of how everything works and can transition into their roles seamlessly.

Introduce New Employees to the Right People Within the Company

New hires need someone they can turn to for help or clarification if they run into any issues while settling in at their new job. Particularly when dealing with things like human resources or finance-related questions.

Introduce your new employees to the HR department, their managers, and supervisors, or team leaders. Make sure they know who these people are and that these key contacts are accessible when needed. It’s especially crucial that you give access to HR professionals right away.

It’s essential for new employees to feel comfortable approaching HR team members when they need help with a personal matter, such as having a discussion about a coworker who is difficult to work with. By giving them access to HR professionals, you’re establishing a trusting relationship and letting them know that they can come to you for help whenever they need it.

Beyond that, it can be tricky for new employees to know who their boss is and what their job title is. This is especially true if new employees are working in a large company with lots of different teams and hierarchies. Introduce them and outline their job descriptions, so they know what’s expected of them.

Encourage New Hires to Ask as Many Questions as They Have

Ask new employees if they have any questions about their new role or the company so you can address them in a timely manner. When everything is new to employees, they usually have some questions about their job or the business. There’s no such thing as a dumb question, so encourage new employees to ask away.

Not only will this show your new hires that you’re open and welcoming, but it’ll also help them get up to speed quickly on their new role and responsibilities.

Questions may range from simple things like where to find stationery supplies and how to book out of office hours. Or they could be more complex issues related to the job description, benefits package, or company policies and procedures.

Make new employees feel welcome by showing them that you’re willing to answer all their questions and make them feel at ease. Advice them on the best medium to use or the best people to ask these questions. This will help them settle into their new role faster and better understand the company.

Alternatively, you can also have a “Question of the Day” or “Question of the Week.” New employees can submit their questions anonymously online, or in-person so everyone can learn from the answer.

Show New Employees Where They Can Find Supplies and Office Equipment

New employees will need to know how they can access the office supplies and equipment they’re going to need in their new role. This includes things like staplers, computers, printers, and even coffee machines. It may sound trivial, but they’ll be very grateful for this gesture of thoughtfulness.

Give New Employees a Copy of the Company’s Employee Handbook

Give new employees a copy of the company’s employee handbook so they can read it through and ask any questions they have about it. A new employee handbook is an essential tool for new hires, as it outlines all the important policies and procedures of the company.

It can be daunting for new employees to try and familiarize themselves with a new company. Why not help them out by giving them a copy of your handbook?

This way, they can take their time reading through it and understanding everything. The rules, regulations, policies, and safety procedures that drive your business.

Give New Employees an Opportunity to Meet Other New Hires

New employees will likely feel more comfortable and welcome if they are given an opportunity to meet other new hires from other departments. This way, they can get to know each other, ask each other questions about the company, and build relationships with one another.

It also gives them a chance to socialize, bond over new experiences, and feel more comfortable with the new roles they’re taking on. You could host an event, luncheon, or team activities to get them together in one place.

Help New Employees Become Familiar With Senior Staff Members

Help new employees become familiar with senior staff members by introducing them during new employee onboarding meetings. They may not be familiar or confident enough to introduce themselves to senior staff members at first. More so if they don’t know their job titles or if they’re new hires like themselves.

However, it’s an excellent way for new employees to get acquainted with their boss and other key people within the company, professionally and personally. Introducing new hires during onboarding meetings gives everyone an opportunity to chit-chat about how things are going at your company so far.

Organize New Employee Onboarding Sessions With Other New Recruits

One of the best ways to get new recruits together is by offering onboarding sessions together. New hires get to ask each other questions about the company, their role, and the new policies and procedures they have to follow.

Some companies offer these new hire onboarding sessions during the first week of starting work. Others offer it later on in new recruits’ tenure with the company. However, it’s best to continue for a few months to a year and utilize the best onboarding software for maximum efficiency.

New employees will feel more welcome if these onboarding sessions include other new employees. Some of them or all of them may be feeling very anxious about their roles.

This way, new employees can connect and eliminate the fear, loneliness, and stress that comes to being new in a company. It’ll make the process a little less daunting for them and will help them feel more comfortable in their new position.

Connect New Employees With Mentors or Guides

Connecting new employees with other experienced employees who can serve as a mentor is excellent. The mentor will guide them through their first few weeks or months on the job and ease their transition.

The new employees will have someone to go to for advice and support, and they’ll be able to learn from someone who has been working at the company for years. They’ll also feel more confident knowing they have someone to ask if new roles or policies become too confusing or overwhelming.

Plan an Employee Outing

Team building activities are a great way to make new employees feel welcome, especially if it is their first time joining your company or department. You can plan new hire outings months before new employees actually start working at your company.

Still, you can incorporate this during new hire orientation as well so new hires will know what’s expected of them, and they’ll be able to adjust quickly. These team-building activities should involve both new and older employees so they can interact and build solid relationships. Happy employees are 13% more productive, and team activities can make your employees happy.

  • Keep New Hires Informed About Company Announcements

Your new employees want to know that you value them, so keep them informed about new company updates and changes. For example, if there’s a new project coming up or new clients added to the account list, let new employees know.

This will show them that you care enough about their work to let them get involved with company projects. It shows how much faith you have in them and their abilities. The best part about this is that with confidence, they’ll be able to voice their ideas without fear of rejection and contribute to your company’s growth.

Celebrate Each New Employee’s Contribution to the Company

Finally, one of the best ways to make new employees feel welcome and appreciated is by celebrating their contribution to the company. This could be anything from a simple thank you email to a formal ceremony recognizing new employees’ achievements.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate, make sure new employees feel appreciated for their hard work and that they are off to a good start in their new role.

The Ultimate Guide to Making New Employees Feel Welcome

Have you recently gone through the hiring process and found excellent new employees? Well, to maximize this opportunity, the best thing you can do is make them feel welcome so they can transition and start contributing to the business.

Conduct proper employee training, orientation, and onboarding. From there, follow all the tips we’ve listed in this post to ensure they’re well prepared to embark on their journey with your organization.

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