How to Optimise Space in Your Home.

How to Optimise Space in Your Home.

For homeowners who don’t own a property that is overwhelmingly spacious, often our homes can seem a little cramped. Space is one of the most important factors of a property, and while prospective buyers are looking for a home, they often consider space as one of the most sought-after features. It may seem as though the longer you live in your property, the less space there is- and finding space in your home may seem even harder once you introduce a pet or start a family. For most people, the option of upsizing their property is not an option due to cost, so people look for alternatives to gain more space. Equally as expensive though, are conversions or extensions- which can cost thousands of pounds. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to create space in the home without having to spend a fortune. Here at We Buy Any Home we have compiled our top tips to optimise space in your home.


It may seem obvious, but decluttering can do a lot when it comes to optimising space in your house. Over periods of time, we often accumulate a lot of unwanted and unnecessary items- which then become clutter. If you want to have a spacious home long-term, then you’re going to have to learn how to declutter. There are many benefits to decluttering, and more storage space is just one of the positives. You will also find that your home is easier to clean and you will reduce the amount of time you spend looking for things.

Choose Mutli-Functional Furniture: 

The range of choice in interior design has never been more varied. There are pieces of furniture to suit every style, purpose and aesthetic. This being said, you can now invest in stylish furniture that also serves as storage space. Instead of featuring a long and bulky coffee table in the front room, why not buy a decorative trunk and use it as storage. You can add a vase or magazines on top to disguise it and add additional features.

Store Bulky Items in the Least Used Room in the House:

If you tend to buy your food shopping in bulk, then your kitchen may not be the right place to store everything due to the limited space. It’s a good idea to have an organised system of labelled purchases, and then perhaps store them somewhere such as a pantry or storeroom. This will ensure that your kitchen space does not look overrun and lacking space.

Add Mirrors:

The trick to making any space look larger is to add mirrors to the room. Although you don’t want the room to be overrun with reflective surfaces, adding a few mirrors will trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than it is, but adding depth. It’s important to choose a mirror that doesn’t have a heavy frame, as you don’t want to ruin the illusion.

Neutral Colour Scheme:

If you want the rooms in your house to look bigger, then it’s a good idea to stick to a neutral colour scheme throughout your house. Sometimes, darker colours such as navy blue can make a room seem smaller than it is, and therefore minimise the space in the room. In order to avoid making a space look smaller, try to use neutral colours such as beige, ivory or white for the walls.

Perception of Height:

High ceilings instantly make any room seem larger. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of high ceilings in our house, but there is a way to trick the eye into thinking that the ceiling is higher than it seems. A great way to add the perception of height to your room is to draw the eye up to standout pieces such as statement lighting and hanging pieces of artwork. Another great tip is to use tables and chairs that are set on legs, as even the small space between the furniture and the floor makes a huge difference.

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