How to Save Storage Space on Your Mac

How to Save Storage Space on Your Mac

Does your Mac storage get full all the time?

In most cases, your Mac has around 500 GB of internal storage. When you take pictures and store them on your computer, it only takes a short while before you run out of space. Prevent this by managing your Macbook storage.

As a beginner or a non-tech-savvy individual, you might have no idea how. Fortunately, our guide can help. Read on as we list some tips to save space on your Macbook computer:

Find and Remove Duplicate Files

Duplicate files litter your computer, taking up unnecessary space. They are tricky to deal with, especially when your Macbook is old. The good news is you have lots of third-party options to find and remove these files.

Check your App Store and search for duplicate file removers. Your best bet is to look for Apple Editors’ Choice since they are the most reputable apps around. Also, consider reading the linked guide to remove duplicate files from your Dropbox.

Empty Your Trash Cans

Your Trash application is the Macbook equivalent of the Windows Recycle Bin. Instead of deleting your files permanently, Finder sends them to this application. It allows you to restore them if you did it by accident.

However, these files will continue occupying your laptop storage. Emptying your Trash is the only way to free up their required space. Be mindful since several trash cans may exist within your Mac.

Right-click the Trash icon on the dock and select the Empty Trash option. Doing so deletes all the files stored within the application. 

Your iPhoto, iMovie, and Mail have exclusive trash cans. When you delete files from these applications, consider emptying them as well. 

Uninstall All Your Unused Applications

Once you finish using an application, consider uninstalling them. Fortunately, uninstalling these is easy. Open your Finder window, pick the Applications option, and drag-and-drop your desired app to the Trash Can on your dock.

Find out the hefty applications taking up the most space on your Macbook. Do the same steps above, but once you select the Applications options, click on the “Show items in a list” icon. After that, click the heading for Size since it sorts your apps by their file size.

Clean Up Your iPhone or iPad Backups

Over 1.65 billion active Apple devices exist in the world. You likely have an iPhone or an iPad alongside your Macbook. When all your devices are in sync, iTunes will back up your iPhone or iPad data.

These backup files will take up a lot of your storage space. Consider using third-party software to delete these files. After all, the manual deletion is too complex unless you have technical skills.

Improve Your Mac Storage Now

These are some easy ways to save Mac storage space. However, learning to conserve space is only the start. Consider learning more Mac performance optimization skills to make the most out of your machine.

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