How To Show Support And Care For Loved Ones

Recently, conversations on the importance of self-care have been circulating to ensure people prioritize their physical and mental wellbeing. And as much as this is necessary, it is not the only type of care and support people should focus on. Supporting and caring for loved ones can be nourishing as well. Everyone is going through challenges, and having someone to lean on is vital. Here are a few ways to show support to loved ones.

Create a Safe Environment

When people go through a hard time, it is natural to shut down and shield themselves. As a result, they are likely to struggle with loneliness. Creating a safe space for your loved one is vital at this point. It can motivate them to open up and share how they are feeling. That means being approachable, reachable, and empathetic.

Show That You Care

Telling someone you care is good, but demonstrating that is even better. For instance, you can ask them what they need help with and then follow through. If they do not feel like leaving the house, run errands for them like getting groceries. Also, your friend may have neglected themselves because of work and are experiencing burnout. You can get them takeout from their favorite restaurant, take them for a massage, or get them broad spectrum CBC products. You can be sure your friend will appreciate the gesture.

Be Patient

When someone is going through a hard time, it is hard to tell when they will get better. At this point, it is essential to be patient. If they are telling you something, do not rush them to complete the story. If you demonstrate impatience, they will start seeing you as a burden rather than help.

When helping a loved one, picture how you would have wanted to be treated if you were in that situation. This will help you discover ways to be there for them.

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M Ateeq