How To Start CrossFit Training For Beginners: A Guide

Did you know that more than four million people across the globe do CrossFit training? Learning how to start CrossFit is a great way to live a healthy and active lifestyle, but there are important things that you should know before you take on your first CrossFit workout.

While most people prefer to avoid working out, many people that try CrossFit training to be addictive and enjoy being a part of the community. It is a great way to start as beginner bodybuilding and get into better shape even when you don’t have a background in exercise.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn more about the things that you need to know when choosing bodybuilding vs CrossFit. Learn how to start CrossFit today.

Learn the CrossFit Training Basics

There are certain things that you’ll need to learn about CrossFit, like the terminology that people that do CrossFit use. There are acronyms like AMRAP, which stands for “As many reps as possible” during an exercise. There are others like WOD, which means “workout of the day”.

Knowing these phrases and acronyms will help you to have a better understanding of what is happening around you when you go to learn how to start CrossFit for the first time. It is also a wise move to look at the best lifting straps for exercising and the methodology of doing CrossFit training and CrossFit recovery.

This will help you to understand the reasoning behind the different workouts that people that do CrossFit do.

Don’t Listen to the Stereotypes

There are a number of stereotypes that surround doing a CrossFit workout but you shouldn’t let those stereotypes keep you from giving it a try. If you’ve ever seen a CrossFit workout on ESPN or another TV network then it is easy to get intimidated by what you’d picture when you visit a CrossFit gym.

The reality of the situation is that CrossFit is a wonderful way for people of all ages and fitness levels to get a good workout in and stay active. The vast majority of people that choose to do CrossFit training are normal people that find it as a fun way to push themselves to become more active.

Visit CrossFit Gyms in Your Area

Another great idea when it comes to learning how to start CrossFit is to visit the different CrossFit gyms in your area. This will help you get a feel for the general feel or vibe at each of these gyms so that you can find the gym that fits your personality and goals the best.

A big thing to look for at these gyms is the quality of the coaching that you get from the trainers at that CrossFit gym. It is important that you find a CrossFit gym with coaches that pay attention to what you’re doing and that are invested in helping you grow. This includes correcting bad form and answering any questions that you have during your workouts.

You should also find a gym with CrossFit coaches that prioritize your safety and well-being. A good coach will notice if you’re attempting to lift too much weight and using poor form in order to do so. If this is the case, a coach that cares about you will tell you to take some weight of the bar in order to decrease the risk involved.

Culture is another big thing that you should look at when you’re looking at starting CrossFit. The right gym and the right culture is dependent on what you’re looking at getting out of doing CrossFit training. If you’re more focused on getting a good workout then find a gym that is focused on that rather than competing with other CrossFit athletes.

If you’re someone that is hypercompetitive and wants to push yourself then you should find a gym that is more competitive. This will give you the right environment to get the best out of yourself. It is also a wise move to find a CrossFit that is clean and that works well with your schedule.

Get a CrossFit Fitness Evaluation

The next step to take when learning how to start CrossFit is to get a fitness evaluation. You should schedule this fitness evaluation with a CrossFit coach at your chosen gym. This is the measuring stick that will help you figure out where you should start when it comes to workout intensity and CrossFit recovery.

Most CrossFit training exercises require a good range of motion for your limbs as well as explosive movements. It won’t serve you well to take part in these exercises if your body isn’t ready for them. Make sure that you get a fitness evaluation before you start your first CrossFit workout.

Sign Up for a Free Trial

Most CrossFit gyms will grant you a free trial to give their gym a try. It is a wise move to take advantage of these free trials as they’re a perfect way to find out if a gym is a right fit for your fitness needs. You’ll get to build a relationship with other people that work out there as well as the coaches without risking losing any money in the process.

Take Things Slow

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of joining a CrossFit gym and starting CrossFit training but you need to remember to take things slow. This is especially true if you’re new to workout out as rushing into things will increase your odds of injury. Take things slow and gradually build your strength and flexibility as you grow your love of CrossFit.

Take Steps to Learn How to Start CrossFit Today

Learning how to start CrossFit is a huge step towards an active and healthy lifestyle but it is intimidating to get started. It is important that you ignore the stereotypes associated with CrossFit and enter it with an open mind. You should check out gyms in your area and take advantage of the free trials that they offer to find the right fit.

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