Key Tips for Selecting a Suitable Cycling Jersey

Cycling is the fifth most popular sport in Australia, with over 2.3 million adults participating in bike riding every year. Both men and women enjoy taking their bikes out into the thick forests and mountain peaks. Around 31 per cent of cyclists are women here. Whether embarking on a long cycling tour or riding for the first time, proper clothing is necessary. You can make your ride significantly more comfortable if you pick a suitable cycling jersey. If you are a woman interested in cycling, you can find sleek, fit women’s cycling jerseys in Australia at prices ranging from $149.95 to $299.95. The relaxed fit of such jerseys enables you to make the most of your rides, whether they are long or short. Read some key points you should consider while choosing a jersey for cycling.

Focus on the Fabric

It’s the first thing you should consider when planning to buy a jersey. Most high-quality cycling jerseys are made of polyester. Many people resist polyester and try to explore jerseys made of cotton. Later on, they regret their purchase when they find how cotton can be extremely uncomfortable. 

Polyester fabrics impart breathability and wick the moisture away from the body. On the contrary, cotton soaks up the moisture. Jerseys that are priced higher are constructed with more fabric panels. They allow for the proper use of various fabrics and enhance the technical performance of this clothing. You can also consider windproof fabrics in this garment if you are an avid cyclist.

Assess the Fit

The better your jersey fits you, the less wind drag you’ll feel because of the extra material. A flapping jersey slows you down and even drains your energy during long rides. So, choose one that fits you well and enables you to enhance your bike performance.

Another aspect to consider is the length of the jersey. Ensure that the one you purchase is long enough, so you don’t need to pull it down constantly when you’re riding. Look for one that’s short in the front and long in the back to give sufficient coverage when you bend over the bike’s bars. Lastly, consider the sleeve length. In cooler temperatures, a jersey with long sleeves is the ideal choice. But during the summertime, you’ll experience more comfort in those with short sleeves.

Assess the Varied Features and Technologies

Today, jerseys have evolved considerably. Many of them have several features to offer cyclists comfort and support. Look for the following features and technologies.

  • Grippers and hems – Jerseys having silicone grippers on the sleeves and hemlines do not ride up like usual clothes. It prevents the cyclists from being distracted.
  • Flatlock seams – Jerseys also feature seams that lie flat and reduce chafing. 
  • Front zip – A full-length zip facilitates you to cool down on long rides in sweltering climates.
  • Pockets – Consider jerseys having rear pockets as you can keep food and some extra items like your phone in it. 

Choose an Appropriate Design

Even if you buy a well-fitting jersey but aren’t fond of the design, likely you won’t wear it. Besides feeling good, its structure and colour are essential to ensure visibility on the cycling terrain. Flashy and bright designs and colours effectively enhance visibility from a long distance in daylight.

Cycling in Australia is more accessible today than before because of an influx of bike-share companies in various cities. As you gear up to engage in this sport, choosing clothes specifically designed for it is necessary. You can easily find stylish jerseys made of lightweight fabrics that provide optimal comfort. Women’s cycling jerseys in Australia made of supremely breathable micromesh fabrics will keep you dry and cool, irrespective of the weather. Thus, you can confidently embark on the longest rides without experiencing any discomfort.