Life-changing Habits to Start Doing Today

There is no better time to start learning new habits than when you’re stuck at home and outside distractions can’t eat up your time. While we’re waiting for the world to get better, make sure the habits you are forming at home are routines that will benefit you now and in the future.

Here are some life-changing habits to build today:

Prioritize your needs

 Whether it’s more sleep or taking a personal day at work, go easy on yourself and give in from time to time. When you’re doing something you love, you will feel an endless amount of energy. The opposite is true when you’re doing things you don’t love, and your body will want to get some help in recuperating. The same is true for your cravings, as long as you make it a point to sit down and ask yourself why you are craving something. If a craving is unhealthy, try to curb it with healthier alternatives that will still give your body the same feeling.

Say your positive affirmations

It is more important now that you remind yourself that you are worthy, that you are loved, and that you are capable. These are just some of the things you can include in your daily affirmations. When you wake up, take a few minutes while washing your face to look at yourself in the mirror and say these affirmations. Doing so might feel silly at first, but having that reminder will help you get through the day in a better mindset.

Dress for success


Your clothes and your skincare habits reflect how much you love yourself. If you want to look capable and confident, you will take a bit more time choosing your clothes and applying your K beauty products. If you do the opposite, meaning you don’t care about your appearance, that might mean that you do not care enough about yourself, and by extension, you are not paying attention to your feelings and overall wellbeing. Start by letting go of clothes you don’t wear anymore so that you can see the pieces in your closet that may be more aligned with how you want to portray yourself.

Express gratitude

 You may think that the people around you know that you love them, but it wouldn’t hurt to be vocal about it. Especially at a time when everyone is experiencing mountains of stress due to the pandemic, your gratitude may be the one bit of good news they hear on that day. Never be too stingy with expressing your gratitude, even if it’s just about a small matter. Do this, and it will come back to you. This will reinforce a cycle where you uplift someone else, and in turn, they will uplift you.

When you feel down and stressed, it seems easy to take it out on someone else. However, this is the exact time for you to do the opposite. Form positive life-changing habits starting now, and notice how your perspective on the rest of your life changes.

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