Mobile Apps To Take Charge Of Your Laptop

Mobile Apps To Take Charge Of Your Laptop

Mobile technology has taken the next big step by creating apps that allow you to access your home computer or laptop on the go, saving you the aggravation of carting your laptop and all its accessories around. Here is a look at seven of the top apps on the market.


The iTeleport app lets you use your iOS mobile devices to access your laptop without having it right in front of you. You can access or download files, run programs, browse the web, and even use your mobile device in place of remote control.

The app offers the use of external keyboards, meaning you can turn your iPad into your computer by plugging in a keyboard and accessing files via iTeleport. The connection is fully encrypted no matter where you go, preventing hackers from easily accessing your personal information. Windows, Mac, and Linux users can all use iTeleport.

Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client for Android 

The Xtralogic Remote Desktop for Android makes it simple for Android users to get to their laptops when they need it. You simply connect your computer through the app via an internet connection and you have the ability to work off your computer as if you were sitting in front of it.

That means you can view files, listen to music, or check your email in a flash. The app operates on Microsoft systems and gives you keyboard and mouse control over your home computer.


If you love having your music and movies on the go, but don’t want to bring your laptop, Gmote is for you. Gmote features all of the usual buttons you expect on the remote control: fast forward, pause, play, rewind and includes a built-in file browser so you can search for what you want to play next.

Gmote may be used as a wireless keyboard and mouse, allowing for regular use of the computer as well. While Gmote is controlled via Android, it works with both Windows and OS driven computers.


The LogMeIn app allows you to log in to your favorite computer or computers along with cloud devices from your iOS device. You can attach files to emails, save files to your iPad or iPhone, and transfer files between your mobile device and your computer. Computer problems can be fixed remotely and any program that is on the computer can be accessed and ran with a couple of clicks.

While the basic version of LogMeIn is free, LogMeIn Pro requires a paid subscription. The subscriptions come in three tiers: one year ($36.99), six months ($29.99), and three months ($19.99).LogMeIn works on Windows and OS run computer systems.

Splashtop 2 (Price varies by device)

Splashtop 2 allows you to control your laptop or desktop computer from a remote location on your own network. You can view and edit your files, watch movies and TV shows in HD, stream music, give presentations, and play graphics-intensive games without issue. Splashtop 2 is the highest rated remote app on the market and says they have the lowest latency times, making for smooth work conditions.

Splashtop 2 works on both the OS and Windows systems and is available for mobile devices running iOS or Android. Splashtop Remote Desktop HD works for your Android tablet and is currently available for $8.99, while the regular version is free for Android. If you use iOS devices, Splashtop costs $6.99 for the iPad version and $1.99 for the iPod and iPhone.

Flash Remote (Free)

The Flash Remote app converts your Android mobile device into a remote control for Apple devices. It also works like an antivirus security software that works on both Windows and iOS drove computers, making it versatile.

In order to make the app function properly for Windows computers, you need to configure a virtual network control (VNC) server. If you fail to do this, the program is unable to access your system, rendering it useless. The biggest user complaint is the pause button doesn’t always work properly with iTunes.

Intel Pair and Share (Free)

If you have a lot of pictures that you want to share with other people but don’t want to attach them in endless emails, then Intel Pair and Share is the app for you.

The app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, allows you to share pictures easily and safely from your tablet or smartphone with a tap of your finger. You can allow your friends to connect to your computer using the app so they can see the images as well.

One major stipulation about the Intel Pair and Share is that it requires that your computer have a genuine Intel processor with Windows 7 on it. In addition, the PC hosting the images and any devices sharing them must be part of the same network.

What mobile apps are you using to control your computer from a different device?

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