Old School RuneScape: What you need to know in 2022

Old School RuneScape: What you need to know in 2022

Old School RuneScape is a multiplayer RPG that is well loved by its player base. And it is that this game was released at the request of the community, as they asked its developer Jagex to bring back the 2008 version of RuneScape that had given them so much fun. In 2013 this wonderful game was launched with many improvements and today it continues to bring news and updates that keep its users glued to the keyboard and make the community continue to grow even more.

It is really difficult to put into words how great Old School RuneScape is, but in this guide you will be able to find some necessary information so that you can function without problems in this new world. There are more opportunities in OSRS and even searching for OSRS gold will be fun.

There are many things to learn

There are several things to learn about this game, there are many missions that bring with them different stories, so there is not only one way to play it. On the contrary, as we progress we are going to realize that we can do many different things to achieve the same goal, so in this sense the game leaves you free to go as you see fit. Sometimes you can see yourself a little lost due to the massive nature of this title, but don’t worry because there will be no room for doubt.

Basic tips to know

Before entering this new world we have several tips for you, if you have ever played an online multiplayer role-playing game you should know some of the information that we are going to teach you in this section. It is important that you know that to play this game you must meet some requirements that will allow you to play on PC, Mac or even on your mobile device. In addition, you can download the game on your desired platform.

After learning OSRS well, you will not have any problems and can start your adventure in a better way. Maybe you want to know the most optimal configuration for your launcher or maybe you are more interested in knowing the different game modes. We have all this data and more for you in this guide. We hope that all this information is very useful in your first steps in the world of Old School RuneScape.

Quest Guide and Achievement Journal

Once we get into the game, our first objective could be to carry out the missions if we want to. For users who do not have a membership there are only 21 missions, when you get the membership this number increases to 146. Later we will show you how to get the membership with in-game money. The achievement diaries are rewards for different actions that we can do with our character in the different areas of the map, in total there are 12 diaries and each one has 4 categories that go from “Easy” to “Elite”.

In Old School RuneScape there are quests where you basically just have to walk from point “A” to point “B”, or get a particular item, but there are other more complicated quests where we will have to think a bit more. In addition, there are certain requirements that could be asked of us, such as a particular combat level or skill. 

Like any role-playing game, in RuneScape we have different abilities that, depending on the skill and the level, will unlock different objects, enemies, missions or ways to earn money. There are 23 skills and the maximum level for each skill is 99. Non-membership players can only use 15 skills. Even so, players without membership can make use of the most important type of skill that is combat, combat skills are made up of Attack, Strength, Defense, Magic, Distance, Prayer and Life.

After reaching level 99 in a skill, we can acquire a cape with the skill insignia and it will give us a bonus that will be different for each skill. Training these skills can take a long time and be somewhat repetitive, so you need to be patient. Patience will always pay off, no exception when you are playing games.

As we progress through the amazing game we are going to realize that we are going to need money that can be used to get clothes, weapons or quality objects that we may require in some missions. Having a membership would provide us with many methods to get gold, but it is not fundamentally necessary to have it, in fact with these methods for players without a membership we can save to buy the membership and thus be able to achieve all our objectives in the most optimal way. We can also buy RS gold easily from some reputable providers.

There are many ways to get money, some are better than others, but everything will depend on what you like. We hope this guide was useful for you. Thank you for reading and give it a try. Good luck!

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