Osrs Motherload Mine area| How to Find 1 for Mining

Osrs Motherload Mine area| How to Find 1 for Mining

Taken from osrs wiki :https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Motherlode_Mine#/media/File:Motherlode_Mine.png

Mining in osrs motherload mine:

The  motherload mine is only for osrs mining training added to Old School Runescape 2014 and expanded upward 2015. It is located in a dwarven mine and discovered by Prospector Percy. Players can enter it  from the south portion of mine under falador and ice mountains. 

There is no quest to enter this area. Minimum 30 level required for a player for mining in osrs motherlode mine and for motherlode mine upper level required 72 level. For addition of upper level requirements , players must be paid one time prospector percy 100 golden nuggets.


Below we take a view of mining ore veins, cleaning pay dirt and deposit pay dirts.

Mining Ores Veins in OSRS(old school runescape):

The veins also have a chance to give uncut gems. No experience is given for the gem, when a gem is mined, just the pay-dirt. This means that each gem mined, you will get 60  less experience invertery, thus wearing this amulet is not recommended when mining for experience. You can optionally trade 100 golden nuggets to negate this effect.

Cleaning Pay-Dirt:

 We can deposit pay-dirt  into a hopper attached to the water circuit for cleaning. It will flow toward the second end of the sack when we deposit it. The sack can be used to collect golden nuggets and ores.

Ores are determined while the pay-dirt is mined, not in cleaning. High Level ores can be obtained by using mining boosts such as dragon pickaxe special attack during mining.

ORESLevelrequiredBonusexperienceGeneral Price
Golden nugget300Untradable
Gold ore4015205

Deposit  pay dirts:

If the sack upgrade has been purchased for 200 golden nuggets from prospector percy, then the sack has 162 soft caps of pay dust, otherwise it has 81 pay dirts. After the sack has been filled, the player may not deposit more pay dirt in the hopper and must take some ore out from the sack before depositing more.


After cleaning pay dirt we collect golden nuggets, each nuggets is collected at once, and we can use it to buy different objects as currency.

ItemsNo.in stockRestocktimeSold PriceBuying PriceExpBoost/nugget
Soft clay pack10000.6s108N/AN/A
Bag full of gems1000.6s4032
Coal bag10.6s10080N/AN/A
Prospector boots1000.6s30240.20%0.007%/
Prospector helmet1000.6s40320.40%0.010%/
Gem bag10.6s10080N/AN/A
Prospector jacket1000.6s60480.80%0.013%/
Prospector legs1000.6s50400.60%0.012%/

Mining guild for mining:

Taken from Osrs Wiki:https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Mining_Guild#

In osrs mining guild is used by expert miners who have level more than 60.

Vein ores Drops:

We can get gems, ruby, diamonds, sapphire etc from drop of vein ores. Different gems we get from it during mining on different levels, just like I got diamonds on level 57 and sapphire on level 41 and other more.   

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