Per-Olov Kindgren – After Silence

Per-Olov Kindgren – After Silence

Per-Olov Kindgren’s new album After Silence is a concept album. As the title suggests, the album is tied together with a story that is only fully understood by closely listening to the music. The album is primarily composed of pure classical guitar playing and contains no vocals.

After Silence is a concept album

Per-Olov Kindgren’s concept album After Silence is a perfect listen for classical guitar lovers. The album is made up of 23 tracks that are meant to bring your mind to a peaceful state. Whether you’re dealing with some emotional turmoil or just need a quick break after a long day, After Silence will help you unwind and relax.

Born in the Colombian city of Bogota, Kindgren’s parents migrated to Stockholm when he was three years old. His father was an engineer who worked for LM Ericsson in Colombia. After a few years, the family returned to their hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. He grew up surrounded by music and was captivated by a bright red electric guitar on a shop window. Later, he was influenced by the Beatles and Paul McCartney, and his parents bought him a classical guitar for his seventh birthday. When he was thirteen, he saw a John Williams documentary on national television and was inspired to study classical guitar.

After Silence is Kindgren’s third concept album. The album contains ten instrumental tracks with classical guitar and orchestral sound. Per-Olov Kindgren’s compositions are primarily classical, with influences of jazz, blues, and easy listening. Though most of the songs are from classical repertoire, he also includes some works from Metallica and The Beatles.

Per-Olov Kindgren is an accomplished classical guitarist. His debut album contains 23 original compositions. Unlike most classical guitar albums, Kindgren’s music has a more melancholic and easy-listening quality. He is a skilled guitarist and a brilliant composer.

John Dowland is a lutenist

John Dowland is an English Renaissance composer and lutenist, and his music has been performed by many great classical guitarists, including Per-Olov Kindgren. Per-Olov Kindgren performs Dowland’s Frog Galliard on a classical guitar.

Per-Olov Kindgren’s performance

Per-Olov Kindgren is one of my favourite classical guitarists. His playing is effortless and he composes his own music. In February 2018, he released four original pieces. He plays music ranging from Bach to The Beatles. This makes his performance an all-round musical experience.

Born in Columbia, Per-Olov Kindgren now lives near Helsingborg and teaches in Copenhagen. He is well-known to guitarmusic fans around the world, largely due to his YouTube performances. He has uploaded more than 250 videos to his channel and has 27 million followers.

After graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 1983, Kindgren became a music teacher. He taught in music schools in Vallensbaek and Gentofte for twenty-four years. He continues to perform concerts and teach at local music schools. He has won several awards for his performances, including the Swedish Guitar Society’s Young Artist Award.

Those who appreciate classical music will find Per-Olov’s After Silence performance very calming. It is perfect for soothing the mind after a long day or for dealing with emotional problems. It is also a great way to relax and focus. It is the perfect musical therapy for your hectic day.

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