Phyllis Ferrari – Is She Ready for Her Hong Kong Film Career?

Phyllis Ferrari – Is She Ready for Her Hong Kong Film Career?

Phyllis Fierro is a nurse who has been professionally working for more than three decades now. She has worked in pediatric nursing at various health care facilities in the Chicago area. Nurtured by the love for children and a desire to help them in any way that she can, Phyllis has always longed to become a pediatric nurse.

 In fact, when she graduated from college with a degree in education, she thought that she would follow her path as a nurse. However, the reality was somewhat different. For the past several years, Phyllis has been working as a certified nursing assistant or CNA at hospitals in the Chicago area.

A nurse practitioner:

Nurtured by the love for children, Phyllis Fierro has been working as a nurse practitioner, also known as a CNA for the past fifteen years. She is also a registered nurse. As of today, she is still a nurse practitioner. 

She has always longed to be a nurse but felt that pursuing this career would be difficult because of the many responsibilities that come with being a nurse practitioner. Consequently, she pursued her passion as an actor instead.

Works as a guest speaker:

Being a nurse practitioner is a career that requires a lot of hands-on training. Although there are opportunities like being a guest speaker at conferences or giving presentations at community fairs, it is important for you to have your own classroom where you can train yourself. 

So how did Phyllis make her move from nursing to acting? She did not make the sudden leap from nurse practitioner to acting until she was already an experienced actress in Hollywood. 

It was after making two films as an actor in which her skill and talent were noticed that she decided that being an American nurse practitioner is what she wants to do.

Works in Hollywood:

In her earlier works in Hollywood, when she was just an aspiring nurse, her salary as an actress was very low but she did manage to raise her net worth as her name became better known. 

After two more films in which her name was heard and her performance as a leading character increased her net worth and she was even given a role in one of the biggest movies of the decade. 

This was in the film Lincoln (hemorrhaging known as the chainsaw ladies) where she was cast as the Female McKinley who was the wife of Abraham Ford.

Star as a karate Kid:

Even though her name did not have much sun during those days of her non-actuality, her role as the wife of Ford forced her into thinking about what she would do with her next career. 

She resolved to go back to her acting roots and to try her hand at being an actress. She decided to star as a karate Kid in a very well-received Hong Kong movie after her husband Bob Fieri left her. 

Her performance earned her another Hong Kong Film Director Award as well as the Best Actress award at the Beijing International Film Festival.

A successful actress:

With her impressive resume and with four years of experience as a professional karate girl, it is obvious that Phyllis Fierro has what it takes to be a successful actress. 

Now that she is finally getting her break as a leading lady, it will be interesting to see how her career progresses. Who knows, if she continues to work hard and learn from her past mistakes, maybe we will be seeing lots more from her on the big screen.

M Ateeq