Is Red Dragon OSRS the Best Dragon in OSRS 2021 and How it Attacks?

In previous article, we see the quality and attacking and defensive power of black dragon osrs, it was the one of the best dragon of chromatic dragons osrs but in this article we will study about one other dragon from chromatic dragon of osrs series that is red dragon osrs.

Red Dragon OSRS:

The red dragon osrs is the second most powerful dragon character in old school runescape (OSRS) game. In its adult form, it has ability of antidragon poison and antifire for his fighting skills.

Baby Red Dragon OSRS:

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Baby red dragon osrs is the child dragon of red dragon, it is found in the basement of myth’s guild, brimhaven dungeon and forthos dungeon. They usually have combat level same as baby blue dragon, they have minimum level 48 and maximum 65. 

Adult Red Dragon OSRS:

In adult form, it is the second-best dragon in chromatic dragon series it has ability of anti fire and anti dragon poison and have shield which helps him in combat.

If you want to unlock it,  you must spend 50 slayer reward point but once you unlocked them they can be disabled but when the player spent again 50 slayers rewards points you would again unlock them.

Red Dragon Location:

Forthos Dungeon1526
Brimhaven Dungeon15216
Corsair Cove Dungeon1523

Red Dragon Drops Rate:

The following drops we can get from red dragon osrs:

100% We Get:

We can get 100% following drops items from red dragon osrs,

Red dragon hideAlways2,4141
Dragon bonesAlways1,8371

Weapon and Armors Drops Table:

We can get some weapon or armors from red dragon osrs which are  following in the table,

Adamant platebody11/1289,460
Rune longsword11/12818,530
Mithril javelin201/128200
Mithril kiteshield11/1281,006
Mithril battleaxe11/42.67701
Rune dart81/42.673,064
Mithril 2h sword11/321,198
Mithril axe11/42.6794

Rune Drops Table:

The following rune’s table we take from red dragon osrs,

Rune arrow41/16156
Blood rune21/32668
Death rune51/42.671,195
Law rune41/25.6652

Herbs Table:

We get these herbs from red dragon,

Grimy kwuarm1Rare1,165
Grimy cadantine1Rare1,312
Grimy lantadyme1Rare1,391
Grimy harralander1Uncommon674
Grimy ranarr weed1Uncommon7,640
Grimy irit leaf1Uncommon775
Grimy avantoe1Uncommon1,814
Grimy guam leaf1Common15
Grimy marrentill1Common13
Grimy tarromin1Common132
Grimy dwarf weed1Very rare448

Coins And Gems:

Uncut sapphire11/102.4; 1/52350
Uncut emerald11/204.8; 1/104596
Uncut ruby11/409.6; 1/2081,234
Chaos talisman11/1,092; 1/555389
Uncut diamond11/1,638; 1/8322,990
Loop half of key11/3,277; 1/1,6649,157
Tooth half of key11/3,277; 1/1,6649,220
Rune javelin51/3,277; 1/1,664880
Rune spear11/52,429; 1/3,12011,790
Shield left half11/104,858; 1/6,24065,056
Dragon spear11/139,810; 1/8,32038,117

Red Dragon OSRS Trivia:

It is the rarest dragon from chromatic dragon, and it is wild inhabitate and replaced by lava dragon.