Slidac Vs Thyristor

Slidac Vs Thyristor

When choosing between a slidac-adopted output control type and a thyristor-phase-controlled output control type, consider the following points. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Read on to discover which one is right for you. And if you are still unsure, you can always check out a comparison of the two in the following sections. The advantages of a slidac-adopted output control type are discussed in more detail.

slidac-adopted output control type

Among the various types of output control devices, the slidac-adopted output control device is a common one. The characteristic of this device is similar over the entire range of outputs. However, this output control type is not easy to control automatically. The thyristor-adopted output control device, on the other hand, can control the output by regulating the phase of a thermistor. As a result, it is easy to get high-power output.

thyristor phase-controlled output control type

The Slidac thyristor is an electrical device that allows a user to control the output voltage and current. Its rapid switching results in a large increase in load current and produces high-frequency oscillations that can interfere with communications equipment. These oscillations, or radio frequency interference (RFI), may radiate directly or penetrate the supply system. The amount of RFI generated by thyristor circuits increases as the trigger angle approaches 90 degrees. It is possible to reduce RFI by designing the circuit with an RFI suppression circuit.

Thyristors are used in phase-controlled rectifier circuits. Unlike diodes, which offer no control over the output voltage, thyristors are used to regulate the output voltage. Thyristors are activated by applying a short pulse to the gate terminal, and deactivated by line communication or natural deactivation. The voltage at which a thyristor is triggered depends on its application. In AC systems, the resulting varying voltage and current results in varying average load power.

Despite the advantages of the Slidac thyristor, the SCR thyristor is still not a perfect solution for voltage variation generators. It requires too much effective power, which makes it expensive to produce. The present invention addresses this issue by providing a voltage variation generator of low cost. Its simple structure and high efficiency enable it to be manufactured in a small/lightweight device. The slidacs can be adjusted at the contact point position to obtain desired voltage variation and voltage levels.

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