The Best Perfume Application Practices for Your Everyday Routine

The Best Perfume Application Practices for Your Everyday Routine

Cologne and perfume make the perfect finishing touches to your outfits. The right fragrance can complement any look! Plus, by wearing one, you’ll leave a trail of heavenly aroma wherever you go.

While you may be familiar with applying your best perfume each morning, did you know there are some unofficial rules for doing so? Spraying it is easy, but you’ll want to follow those “rules” to make it last. 

In this article, you’ll learn all about them. Read on to learn how to wear fragrances properly!

Create and Walk Through a Cloud of It

 When you cover yourself in a mist of perfume, it can get a little overwhelming. You don’t want to choke on your own fragrance!

Instead, diffuse it all over by spraying a small cloud of it in the air and walking through it. Doing this allows it to cover your entire body and outfit without being too overbearing. Make sure your scent is safe first, though, so you don’t breathe in any toxic chemicals.

Apply It to Your Pulse Points

Some areas on your body retain beautiful scents better than others, and they’re known as pulse points. These spots are often warmer and hang onto fragrances better. They include the insides of your wrists and elbows, behind your ear, and sides of your neck. 

Store It Properly for the Best Wear

Did you know how you store your perfume affects how well it wears? While you might want to display pretty bottles, like those from the Carolina Herrera collection, leaving them exposed could ruin them.

Sunny or humid spots can change a fragrance’s notes and cause it to expire faster. Keep yours safe by storing them in a cool, dark, and dry area of your bedroom or bathroom.

Add a Spritz to Your Clothing

Looking for a way to make a true fashion statement? Apply a spritz or two of perfume onto your clothes! As long as the fabric is safe to wash, it’s safe to put your beautiful scents on.

Layer Your Fragrances When Possible

Are you stuck between a couple of different scents? Depending on which ones they are, you might be able to layer them. 

This technique works best for single-note fragrances because ones with multiple notes could get overpowering. However, the right combination could surely turn a few heads and leave a lasting impression!

Use Your Skin as a Canvas

An interesting fact about all types of scents is that they interact with your skin in different ways. Your skin releases natural oils, which mix with your fragrance after it gets applied. This reaction gives your perfume an individualistic touch.

This is what makes your skin the best canvas for it. While you can apply scents to your clothes and hair, too, there’s nothing better than getting a light layer on your bare skin.

Remember The Best Perfume Application Tips

If your outfit ever seems to be missing something, add a couple of sprays of your best perfume! It’s the perfect finishing touch, and it leaves you smelling incredible. To make sure it lasts, remember these application practices.

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