Three Essentials for Skiers

Three Essentials for Skiers

Skiing is one of the most enjoyable winter sports in the world. Whether you’re just starting to ski or consider yourself a seasoned veteran, make sure you equip yourself with these three essentials to maximize your enjoyment of one of the most fun outdoor activities you can participate in. 

1. The Right Winterwear 

Before you get out there and start shredding through the powder, make sure you have the right gear. You need winterwear that will keep you warm and protected from the cold, wind, and snow. Here are a few essentials to pick up: 

  • A ski jacket to keep you warm and dry. 
  • Snow pants for protection from the elements. These can also help prevent scrapes in case you take a nasty fall. 
  • Ski boots that fit comfortably. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway up the mountain and realizing that your feet are already sore! 
  • Socks that fit in your ski boots and help your feet stay warm. 
  • Comfortable leggings and a long-sleeve shirt for insulation. These don’t have to be waterproof. Check the weather each day to determine whether you’ll need thermals or just a simple cotton or wicking layer. 
  • Winter gloves that allow you to freely use your fingers. You can even find warm, waterproof gloves that allow you to use your phone while wearing them! 

Winterwear is important because it keeps your body warm and dry. But it’s also a chance to accessorize, so have some fun with it! Find your favorite patterns and colors. And to really make a fashion statement, consider picking up some merchandise from the HomeLight-sponsored US Ski Team

2. The Best Equipment 

Finding the best ski equipment will help you look and feel like a pro. Start with the skis themselves. To find your ideal ski length, measure the height from the floor to your nose. Give yourself a little leeway here. In general, the best ski length will be between your chin and the top of your head. 

Next, onto safety equipment! Find a protective helmet and anti-fog goggles that will keep your head and eyes safe regardless of the elements—and just in case you take a tumble.

3. The Coolest Lingo 

Alright, you’ve set yourself up to walk the walk with your perfect winterwear and equipment. Now it’s time to learn how to talk the talk! 

Skiers are known for having their own language. Here are a few terms to familiarize yourself with so you can sound like a pro as well as looking like one. 

People-related terms 

  • Bomber – a skier or snowboarder who flies down a hill. 
  • Jerry – a new skier who doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing. Don’t be a Jerry!
  • Park Rat – someone who spends all their free time skiing. 

Snow-related terms

  • Champaign powder™ – a trademarked phrase referring to dry snow. 
  • Corduroy – freshly groomed snow that has a corduroy pattern. 
  • Crud – snow so compacted that it looks and feels like cement. 
  • Pow – fresh snow. 

Weather-related terms

  • Bluebird day – a sunny day with a lovely blue sky. 
  • Dump – heavy snowfall. 

Now that you look and sound like a professional skier, get out there and hit the slopes! 

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