Top 10 reasons to teach poetry to the children

Poetry plays an imperative role in the life of a person. It not only helps academically but also has cultural and social value for a nation. Thus, its importance as a part of the school curriculum doubles. In many parts of the world, it is being taught and is helping children grow in a healthy way.

It helps in fostering empathy and other emotions in the primary classrooms which are often neglected in the higher classes. 

The article summarizes the top ten reasons that poetry must be made an essential part of the school curriculum. It is totally like saving the life of a dying poet in the modern world.

Develop reading, writing, and learning skills

Poetry develops all the skills among children. When children listen to poems, they develop their learning skills. This enables them to think about what the specific word means and how to use it.

When reading in groups, children can sharpen their reading skills. The struggle for finding the rhymes and rhyming words in the poems they are reading. Moreover, it also helps the children in visualizing. They can draw pictures of the imaginary characters in the poems they read. 

Explore new vocabulary

Poetry often contains rhyming words. By listening to the poems, the children can learn about phonics and locate the rhyming words on the paper. Poetry can also help in teaching grammar to the children, which otherwise is a tiresome job and many children cannot perform well with it. The children come across words they have not seen before by reading poems, which later can be used for fun activities as finding the words they have read or seen before.

Inspire writing skills

Poetry teaches the children to use words and phrases wisely in order to give meaning and context to what they are trying to tell. Through poetry, you can tell children and make them learn what words to use in order to recreate their imagination.

Breaking poems into different parts will help children learn how we can connect words to make a sentence and in what order the part of speech like verbs, articles, conjunctions, and nouns can be put together.

Sharpen critical thinking skills

Critical thinking means to think differently. It enables the children to express their feelings and connect with people through understanding. Poetry helps to develop social and emotional learning and think in a different way. It provides an outlet for the children to express their beliefs and ideas.

Develop a love for reading

Children do not generally like reading curriculum books as they read them every day, whereas, poetry is different. It offers something different! By reading poetry, children can learn about new experiences and a different world.

It develops an attraction among the children to learn more! It enables the creative thinking skills among children which enables them to learn more about the surroundings. It will automatically develop their love for reading. Like morning yoga and exercise, reading is also very important to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Provide an outlet for emotions

Some children are not good at telling their life experiences openly, from them, poetry can be a great support. It allows the children to know each other in a better way by painting sketches of their lives and using symbolic language to explain the painful experiences of life. The students can find their inner voice and representation in the form of poetry.

Construct a healthy school community

Poetry provides a gateway for emotional resilience and helps to promote literacy and the development of the community. It gives new understanding and strength to the children so that they can see things and life experiences differently. Using poetry and short poems, students can interact with each other and understand each other’s life experiences differently.

Enable creativity

Creativity is a trait that helps children to explore and achieve new depths. It enables them to think differently. Every child is born creative; only specific teaching skills are required to explore this in-born trait. However, poetry has its hands on it! It allows the children to take risks and keep the creative flame lit. It provides the light to keep the students completely human. 

Sharpens speaking skills

Poetry also helps the children to express their ideas in front of the world in a better way. By reading the poems, they can grasp different speaking expressions as to how they can express their feelings. Poetry enables them to present their ideas in a unique way with a more profound purpose. 

Improve mental health

It is one of the most important benefits of teaching poetry in schools. Being mentally caught up by tough academic syllabus, the students can express their emotions in a controlled way using poetry. Writing your emotions down in the form of poems, clears your mind and leaves a healthy impact on the mind and body, and allows it to think differently.