Variety of High-Security Doors

When one looks for a place to live or work in the two things that are prioritized are security and looks. Both things have equal importance. A house that is good in looks should be made secured enough to not let any burglars enter the house.

  The doors like the house entrance doors, the garage doors, and other ones should be efficient enough to offer the best security and to keep the burglars out. The door is always at a risk of being opened with force by any intruder so people make sure that they go for a security door or install one after the main door.

Many kinds of doors offer high security that one can go for. We are here to tell you about the top secure doors, each being unique in their function. Read about them below.

Designs Solstice:

Many kinds of doors have been made for security purposes and each one of them has unique features. But have you noticed one thing very common in all of them?

All the doors are very efficient in their functioning but the look of each one of them is compromised because of the stereotypical thinking that functionality is compromised for good looks. Well, that’s not at all the case.

This solstice model has broken this stereotype by offering efficient functionality and good looks. This door doesn’t have any glass where the lock is located. You will be able to see a steel surface near this area.

This door has a spiral design that has a shattered glass backing up this design. Anyone trying to intrude won’t be able to break this glass. But if somehow he managed to break it, then he would not be able to open the lock because of the steel area surrounding it. Also, the tight spacing is a good help in preventing its lock from being broken.

Steel security door:

 Most people don’t like add-ons on their doors.  This door that is made of steel has a solid slab. the kind of metal that is used in it is a graded one. Any person trying to intrude the door has no option to do so. There are two main reasons behind it.

The door not having any kind of tempered glass is the first reason behind it. Solid steel that is used to make this door prevents it from being opened even if the burglar puts his maximum force to open it is the second reason. This door is extremely secured and provides maximum security. People who solely want an effective security function can go for this option satellite internet vs cable.

Tuscany series:

We have often seen this thing that the majority of the security doors in the market have two things missing in them. Number one is them being weatherproof. The second thing that most of the security doors have a glass installation on them that many times leads to invading the privacy of people by being either translucent or transparent.

What if I tell you that there is a door that has both of these features too? The Tuscany series has made it possible. A security door being weatherproof makes this door unique from the other ones. The Z-bar frame that this door has helped in protecting the house from dangerous and windy storms.

It has a proper function of providing insulation to the house too. This frame has hidden screws in it that will prevent the door to be uninstalled easily by any burglar. Well, the storm protection function has been prioritized over the security function in this door. The exposed glass near the lock area is the reason behind saying this thing.

 Recessed Security Door:

 People say that looks don’t matter in a security door. But in reality, you will see people getting attracted even towards a security door based on its looks. The functionality is not compromised because of the looks. A partial steel mesh is there in this door. You will also be able to see a tempered glass backing it up.

Being divided into these two sections allows the customer to customize the door as per their preferences. The screws it has are on the interior are a good catch in this door. This means that no one can uninstall the door unless it is opened.

The screws used in this door are very secure making it impossible for a burglar to unscrew it. This door can not be forced open because of the Z-bar frame that it has. 

All of these features make it a well-secured one. Two things that are missing from this door are the shattered glass and a good quality door stopper. Both of these things would have worked like a cherry on the top making it more secure.

Wood guard Steel Security Door:

 Majority of the people who get to know about this door always come up with one question. The question is why is it even called a security door? These are the kind of people looking for the maximum amount of security. People who are looking for minimum security would go for this one.

Steel frame and wooden elements are the two main components of this door. You cannot use it solely at the entrance of your house. This means that the main door should be installed first on the inside and then this one should be installed. The reason why this door doesn’t provide maximum security is the easy installation which means it can be uninstalled easily too.

The choice is yours as we have told you about the steel door and the doors with add-ons both. Each one of them has different preferences and just keep one thing in mind while buying a security door that it is not necessary to compromise the looks of the door because of the function.

Taking care of the security of the place you are at is as important as giving your carpet a spotless reputation present in the interior of that place. What I mean by saying this is that you should care about the exterior and security too just as you do it for the interiors.