Violet Affleck and Her Mother Make a Rare Public Appearance

Violet Affleck and Her Mother Make a Rare Public Appearance

Whether you like her or not, there is no denying that Violet Affleck has been the face of many a movie. The young actress, who was born into a rich family, has done well for herself. She has become an Oscar nominee, a successful model, and has been a star in several movies. She has been seen in public with her mother and her new wife.

Jennifer Garner’s story about her daughter

During the recent State Dinner at the White House, Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet made a rare public appearance. The mother-daughter duo was photographed holding hands while walking into the event.

The star-studded event was held to honor France’s President Emmanuel Macron. The guests included several government officials, fashion designers, and actors. Among them were Anna Wintour and John Legend. At the event, Garner and her daughter Violet wore matching designer looks.

Despite the fact that both parents are divorced, Violet has been spending time with her dad. In addition to playing soccer and reading books, she enjoys horse riding. She’s also been spending time with her new stepmom Jennifer Lopez.

The two of them haven’t made an official public appearance together since 2018. However, they’ve gotten into the habit of attending high-profile events together. This summer, they attended a wedding in Paris. And they were also seen at the JFK Airport.

Relationship with her father’s new wife

Despite the fact that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have split up, their children are still living with their mother. They have three kids, the oldest is Violet, who was born in 2005. She has a sister named Seraphina, who is 13 years old, and a 10-year-old brother named Samuel.

While Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been separated for nearly four years, their family is still making headlines. In June 2022, they were spotted out in LA on a shopping spree at Westfield Century City mall. They also made a stop at Yogurtland and Terrain.

The couple also travelled together to Europe in the summer of 2022. In the past, they have been rumored to have had a romance with Lindsay Shookus and de Armas.

They haven’t quite gotten over their split, but they have made some public appearances with their kids. They even took a trip to Paris on their honeymoon.

Public appearances with her mother

Despite spending so much time in the spotlight, Violet Affleck and her mother Jennifer Garner rarely make public appearances together. Last night, they made their first public appearance in a while. They attended a state dinner at the White House in honor of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Guests at the event included politicians, donors, and actors. Among those in attendance were John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, and Ariana DeBose. The event was held to welcome Emmanuel Macron, who was re-elected as the President of France.

Garner and Affleck have not had many public appearances together, but they did make their last one at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in 2018. At the ceremony, Violet was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was accompanied by her parents, Ben and Jennifer. They were all smiles when they arrived.

The two were spotted holding hands at the event. They both wore black dresses, and walked into the room together. They finished the look with red heels. They also posed for a photo together.

Fluency in Spanish

During a recent interview, Ben Affleck talked about his fluency in Spanish. In the past, he has done bilingual interviews during press junkets for his movies. But now, his oldest child is about to surpass him.

Affleck’s oldest daughter, Violet, is 14 years old. She has a lot of friendly competition with her dad. Affleck has spoken Spanish passively as a teenager, but he is now attempting to learn the language as a second language. In the interview, he said that he didn’t want his daughter to become better at speaking than he is.

The two of them have shared a passion for cooking. They also share similar personality traits. Their mother, Jennifer Garner, was born in the Bronx, a neighborhood largely made up of Hispanic people, and grew up in poverty.

Although Ben Affleck was born in the United States, he spent part of his childhood in Mexico. He learned Spanish while filming a TV show in that country.

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