Web Marketing Techniques to Retain Your Customers

Web Marketing Techniques to Retain Your Customers

If electronic commerce is transforming the way we consume, web marketing is becoming an axis of capital importance in the strategies of cyber-merchants, who must renew their ingenuity to keep their customers in the long term.


It is good to know that loyal customer costs a lot less than winning new customers. This loyalty stems from the customer’s exclusive and lasting attachment to a service, product, or brand. It is structured around three dimensions:

Affective dimension:

Concerns the emotions of the customer who prefers a company or a brand to others. The affective dimension is the customer’s entire satisfaction on an emotional level.

Cognitive dimension:

Studies show that a loyal customer would be willing to pay more for the product from the brand or supplier they prefer. This dimension reduces the price comparison.


Customer loyalty is expressed by repeated purchases of products of the same brand (loyalty for the brand) or of different products from the same company (loyalty for the supplier).


Satisfying your customer, by offering him a good product that perfectly meets his needs and services that meet his expectations, is the basic element to build loyalty. Then come to the web marketing techniques that will allow you to maintain your customer over the long term.

Even if they make repeated purchases from your e-commerce site, your customer should never be taken for granted. The idea is to surprise him by continuously offering new products in order to create an emotional attachment of your customer to your products or services.

The most relevant loyalty techniques:

  • Blog and social networks:

Your customer needs you to answer their questions about your products and/or services. The creation of quality content via a professional blog but also through social networks is one of the most effective means of loyalty. Buyer’s guides, tutorials, user demonstration, industry news, etc. All these communication tools help you maintain permanent contact with your customer.

  • Newsletter:

The newsletters are used primarily to keep customers informed of the latest brand or company as kissanime did. It is one of the most effective web marketing tools for customer loyalty. The emails delivered to the customer should preferably be personalized, as a loyal customer likes to feel privileged. These techniques are only feasible when a relevant database is available.

  • CRM services

Customer Relationship Management or CRM services, this tool can adapt your products and services to the specific needs of your customers and thus satisfy the most. It also allows you to create a database rich in relevant information but also to use the latter effectively. CRM gives you the opportunity to have personalized relationships with your customers, something that promotes their loyalty.

Traditional means of loyalty such as loyalty cards, small gifts, and exclusive offers have also proved their effectiveness in enhancing customer value and retaining them.

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