What Are the Different Types of Granite That Exist Today?

What Are the Different Types of Granite That Exist Today?

Granite countertops are the mark of luxury and quality in the home, but did you know that there are numerous types of granite? There are different granite grades, granite colors, and forms of granite that open your options up a significant amount. 

The three levels of granite are low, middle, and high grade granite. But what does it all mean?

We’re going to talk about how to sift through the different types of granite today, giving you the insight you need to choose the best granite for your home. 

Let’s get started. 

Understanding Different Types of Granite

The first thing to note about “granite” is that the term denotes a wide set of igneous rock formations. Things like micas, albite, corundum, magnetite, and quartz are all within the granite classification. 

Some of these stones are rarer than others, while some of them are sturdier and more heat-resistant. Those differences make a big impact on how much the stones cost and whether they might be the right options for your home. 

Another factor to understand is that each different granite rock produces a slightly different color. That also makes a difference when it comes to price. 

Determining Granite Grades

There are a number of factors that come into play when determining the grade of a piece of granite. There are three grade levels ranging from 1 to 3. Level 1 granite is the lowest-quality, whereas level 3 is the best. 

A grade gets determined by the color of the stone, any marks, the thickness, different soft materials in the stone, and any veins in it. Veins are natural lines or breakages included in the rock that comes naturally. 

Veins aren’t always bad things. In fact, veins are desirable in a lot of cases because they’re so beautiful. Oftentimes, you’ll see that the color of the vein is different from the primary piece of stone.

Veins also swirl and move in unusual ways that enhance the beauty of the stone. 

Generally speaking the thicker and more unique the granite, the better the grade. The type of stone comes into play in some cases, but there’s a wide variety of quality within each category of stone. 

Quartz granite, for example, might come in all three grades. The same goes for the other stones as well. 

This variety and customization available in granite stones are great for homes, as well as any other application you might need them for. For example, granite headstones are a meaningful way to memorialize someone in your life. 

You want an option that matches their personality or memory, so it’s important that there are a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. You can find wholesale headstones in a number of styles. 

Want to Learn More About The Best Granite?

Hopefully, our look at the different types of granite was useful to you. The factors above all work into how much a piece of granite costs, what it should be used for, and whether or not it fits the needs of your project. 

We’re here to help if you need more information, though. Explore our site for more ideas on granite, types of igneous rock, the mining industry, and much more. 

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