What Does a Firestick Do?

On average, people spend over three hours each day watching TV.

There are more ways to watch TV now than ever before, from cable to streaming to DVDs, pre-recorded shows, and online channels.

What about a Firestick? What does a Firestick do exactly?

This popular Amazon product is in the homes of many media lovers. Read on to learn all about the Firestick.

What Is the Firestick?

The Firestick is a device that plugs into one of your TV’s HDMI ports that allows you to stream and access all of your favorite shows, movies, music, subscriptions, photos, and games.

Along with being able to use it easily in your own home, it’s also simple to transport to other homes as well. Simply unplug it and plug it into another TV’s HDMI port, and all of your downloaded content will be available instantly.

Features of the Firestick

The Firestick provides you with many different features. Let’s go over a few of them below.

Streaming and Downloading

As mentioned before, the Firestick gives you the ability to stream and download a variety of different types of content. In addition, you can download Firestick apps and access essentially any subscription-based account that you have.

Streamlined Remote

Gone are the days of worrying about programming bulky universal remotes. Instead, the Firestick comes with a sleek remote that easily controls the device.

In addition, you can also download a Firestick remote app on your phone if you lose the remote or would rather not have to worry about keeping track of one at all.

Ease of Travel

It would be tricky to pick up your TV and carry it with you when you go on vacation or visit friends and family, but the Firestick is the closest you can get to this.

Unplug it, take it with you, and plug it in again. All of your content will be there, and you can easily share your new favorites with everyone with a few clicks.

Local Channels

Many people no longer pay for cable because they have so many streaming service subscriptions. But, it can be helpful to access local channels to keep up on current events through the news, watch your favorite sports, etc.

The Firestick can help you to access local channels. Learn more about how to get this set up today. 

Watching Predictions

A remarkable feature of the Firestick is that it pays attention to what you watch and can make predictions on what TV shows and movies you will enjoy based on your history.

If you ever find yourself searching for something to watch, this feature is for you.

What Does a Firestick Do? A Whole Lot!

This brief article walked you through several of the popular features of the Firestick. So what does a Firestick do? It puts every media option you can imagine at your fingertips.

Stream, download, take it on the go, watch local cable channels, and more! With the Firestick on your side, watching TV will never be the same.

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