Why are Bonds in OSRS So Expensive?

If you have ever wondered why bonds cost so much, here is what you need to know.

Have you ever wondered why OSRS bonds cost so much? This is why prices seem to be so high.

You may have heard of bonds in Old School Runescape, and wondered why they cost you so much OSRS gold. Before you resort to having to buy OSRS gold to grab yourself some bonds, here is what you need to know about what bonds are, and why they are priced in such a way.

What are Bonds in OSRS?

Let’s not part with our OSRS GP or find OSRS gold for sale just yet. Firstly, let us take a look at what the bonds actually are. In Old School Runescape, bonds work as an in-game item that players can use to pay for a membership with the use of resources in OSRS. Those that are tradeable can be swapped with other players or sold on the Grand Exchange. If you do want to try this, keep in mind that you cannot trade it again after the initial transaction.

Once you have a bond you will not lose it upon death, even if you do succumb to your demise out in the Wilderness. You can store them in your bond pouch, and you can find them in your Settings. Only one bond can be purchased for every GE slot, and you can store up to 20 bonds in your pouch.

If you did want to make your bond tradeable again, then you will need to pay 10% of the value of the bond at the Grand Exchange. These OSRS bonds can then be redeemed to pay for membership for OSRS. You get two weeks for a single bond, 29 days for two bonds, and 45 days for three bonds.

If you choose to, you can also use Old School RS bonds to change your player username as well. This can be done by going to your display name in the Options menu which can be found in the Chat menu.

Why are Bonds in OSRS so Expensive?

So now that you have an idea of what bonds are, you might want to know why they are so expensive. Many players have given feedback in recent times to state that these in-game items have hiked up in price. Whilst this may be disgruntling to those looking to buy them, it works out well for those who are able to sell their Runescape bonds are looking at making some decent OSRS gold.

The rise of value seemed to start towards the last few months of 2020. This period saw a trend in which players started to use real money to buy OSRS bonds. Not only that, but there weren’t a whole lot of players selling bonds at this time either. Given the time of year that this started to transpire, it would be completely understandable to see why prices would go up. Since the holidays were around at this time, many people were more willing to part with their cash to spend on bonds in OSRS.

It isn’t really anything new, and it has been quite a common trend for the prices to go up vastly when it comes to the tail end of the year. Once this time passes, we tend to then see the prices drop off and level out. With that in mind, you can probably expect prices to rise at the end of this year as well.

With that in mind, you don’t really need to start worrying about how bonds in OSRS work and what the prices are. It might be best to avoid trying to get them in the later months of the year, but apart from that you shouldn’t concern yourself too much with it. The trend does seem to be quite consistent throughout each year, so at least now you will know what to expect. You won’t have to start buying and stocking up and OSRS bonds anyway so you can probably put it to the back of your mind for now.

That being said, it is clear to see why OSRS bonds are of higher value, considering the benefits that come with them. In the meantime, you may want to try and find a vendor that will sell OSRS gold for a lower price if you want to avoid using real money to pay for a OSRS membership. It can also come in very handy for other features like being able to change your player username. Whatever you decide to do with your currency, you should now at least be more familiar with how Old School Runescape bonds work, what they can do, and when to expect the value to change.

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